My 5 Memphis New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 2nd 2013 3212 0

 Ah, the first of the year. A time for self reflection, reevaluation, and making promises to yourself that you'll keep for at least a few weeks.

I'm not usually one for resolutions, but this year, I've got a few that I'd like to share with you in the hopes that you'll keep me accountable.

Happy New Year

So here, in no particular order, are my resolutions for this year:

1. Run in a LuvMud 5K

I'm not a runner. I only do it when I have to and, though I know that other people love it, I completely fail to understand its appeal. But LuvMud look like so much fun, and if anything's going to get me to run, it's the promise of costumes and a mud pit. Who's with me?

2. Finally go to Raiford's

I went to the old Raiford's a few times (the one on Vance), but I've yet to go to Paula and Raiford's on Second, even though I recommend it to people all the time. But this year, I'm going to set aside my fear of shaking it in public and go to Raifords.

3. Finish eating everything on the 100 Things to Eat List

It's a little disappointing that I've only tried about half of the items listed on the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis list. In 2013, I resolve to finish the rest of them (and maybe find enough new foods that we can make a second list).

4. Get out more

And I don't just mean in Memphis. The city is in the middle of a pretty interesting region, and there are all kinds of things within a few hours of here that are worth exploring. I'm also going to try to get out more in Memphis, to be less apprehensive and to stop thinking that every Saturday night is the perfect time to go into geriatric mode (i.e. in bed before 11 p.m.).

5. Do more of the things you want me to do.

I like making you happy. Seriously – it's not just the little ego boost I get when you tell me that you like something I've posted. It makes me genuinely happy to know that I'm posting useful things, things that will make you excited about living here or visiting or leaving your house. If you've got a suggestion for the site (or would like to write a guest post), please let me know. If you know of events coming up, the best way to get them featured here is to add them to the blog's calendar. If you've got an idea for a story or feature you'd like to see, or an improvement I could make, don't hesitate to let me know.

What are you planning on doing in 2013?

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  1. Susan says:

    I actually just discovered a website for beginning runners that sounds pretty solid. I'm definitely going to use it to start getting back in shape, starting on the treadmill because I hate running in the cold. Hope it helps you get to your LuvMud 5K goal! http://www.c25k.com/c25k_treadmill.html

  2. JR Kamra says:

    Thank you for doing everything that you do!! You are MEMPHIS!!

  3. handtalker says:

    I've always wanted to go to Raiford's but was too chicken to go by myself. Maybe we can get a group together!

  4. chris hill says:

    Grab a friend and come by my guest at our March 5th lunch celebrating generosity in Memphis and hear Memphis great Barrett Jones speak: http://www.hopememphis.com/2012/12/generous2013/
    Let me know!

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