Mark Your Calendars: Unchained is Coming to Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 3rd 2013 2870 0

Unchained is parking their vintage school bus in Memphis for one night of music and storytelling at Crosstown Arts.

Unchained Tour Poster 2013

The tour, which starts next Friday in Chatanooga, Tenn. will bring a busload of storytellers and musicians to Memphis on Monday, January 14. Among the confirmed story tellers are poker champion Annie Duke, writer and prison mentor Tim Manley, raconteur Michaela Blei and the current host of The Moth, Peter Aguero.


Unchained from Matt Perry on Vimeo.

What's so cool about this tour is that it's a celebration of DIY, community-focused art. The idea is that people will take a break from their work, their devices and destraction and get together for a night of fun in real life. And since we all know that Southern people tell the best stories, all of the dates on this tour are in Tennessee, Mississippi or Georgia.

Tickets are $15, and you should buy them in advance. The last Unchained Tour sold out, and I would hate for you to miss this.

What: The Unchained Tour

Where: Crosstown Arts (422 N. Watkins)

When: Monday, January 14 at 7 p.m.

How much: $15 (buy tickets here)

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