Five Minute Food Review: Grilled Romaine Salad from the Beauty Shop

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 22nd 2013 2647 0

Sometimes, you want a salad that tastes like something more than a salad. Behold the Beauty Shop's grilled romaine:

Grilled Romaine, Beauty Shop, Memphis, Tenn.

The Beauty Shop takes a head of Romaine lettuce then throws it on the grill just long enough for the leaves wilt, the stalk to get a nice crunch, and the whole thing to taste just a little bit like smoke. Then, they add a few seasoned pecans, some diced tomato, green onions and a handful of blue cheese crumbles. Then, they pour on some blue cheese dressing, thicker and spicier than usual. Sort of like chipotle blue cheese, if that's a thing.

It's a salad that doesn't feel like a salad. It's probably the closest thing to a burger that you can eat in salad form.

The salad ($8) is on both the lunch and dinner menus.

The Beauty Shop

966 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 272-7111

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  1. Mandy says:

    I love this salad! I had it and the shrimp appetizer and it was a great meal. 

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