Better Know a Memphian: Wildlife Removal Specialist Chuck Miller

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If you get a critter in your house, Chuck Miller is the guy who will come and get it out. Chuck is a wildlife removal specialist with Wildlife Solvers, a company that will come and take care of anything that gets into your house uninvited.

Here, he answers my questions about his work, his favorite things to do in Memphis, and a stubborn, sleepy boa constrictor.

Chuck Miller, Memphis, Tenn.

Name: Chuck Miller

Occupation: Wildlife Removal Specialist

Hometown: I'm a Memphis boy

What exactly does a wildlife removal specialist do?

It usually starts with a phone call from someone saying they heard a noise, scratching or like something is walking in the attic, etc. We go out and investigate to identify the problem. We have different methods of humane extraction depending on the type of animal causing the problem. Then, we will repair the entry point and any damage done. We are a full service company: we offer everything from wood repair to attic restoration/new insulation since many animals go to the bathroom while they are in your attic. We also do the fun stuff – we will come get an animal that is loose in your fireplace, living room, kitchen, etc.

What made you want to start doing this sort of work?

I have always been interested in animals. I originally worked for a company that did this in Florida and I learned about animal behaviors and why and how they get into people's homes and businesses, which furthered my interest in this kind of work.

Let’s say I’ve got a wildlife problem. For the sake of the question, it’s not a major problem, just an annoying one. What steps should I take before I call you?

None. Call me first. Wild animals aren't something to take into your own hands. Even the cute ones bite.

What’s the strangest problem you’ve ever solved for work?

This might freak some people out. We got a call from a lady who had a "small snake in her bedroom." She said it had been there all night. She hadn't slept. She even tried to call the police. When we got there, she pointed me in the direction where she saw it last. Sitting in the middle of her bed, there was a four foot long red tail boa (snake). Not only was it strange to have it curled up in the bed, it isn't a snake that is native to Memphis. It was probably someone's pet that they let go.

How long have you been working at Wildlife Solvers?

I have been doing this type of work for 10 years, but Wildlife Solvers has been in business for three years. In that time I think we have helped a lot of families and businesses handle what most people think is an unusual circumstance. We hope to be around for many many years to come.

It’s Saturday morning. What are you doing?
I'm usually awakened early by one of our three dogs. They don't understand that Saturday is a sleep late day. Usually, I  just like to hang out on the couch. Since we get calls 24 hours a day, sometimes its nice to do nothing.

Where are your favorite places to eat in Memphis?

That's easy! Hog & Hominy, Frida's on Madison and Miss Polly's on Beale.

What do you love about living and working in Memphis?

Going to the New Daisy and Minglewood Hall for concerts, taking the dogs to the Shelby Farms Dog Park and going to Grizzlies games. We also have one of the best zoos in the country. There is a lot here to take advantage of. It's easy to work here because our people are unpretentious.

If you find yourself in need of Chuck's services, here's more info about Wildlife Solvers.

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  1. Mike Bullard says:

    Chuck is fantastic. His services are inexpensive copared to others in the area (A-1 especially). Plus he went over and above in getting rid of our squirrel/racoon/roof rat problem… Hope that you never need his services, but if you do, he is the guy to call.

  2. Rick Martinez says:

    Apex Wildlife Control is another great wildlife removal company with 30 years experience.  Their prices are very good and their technicians really know what they are doing.    

  3. It's good to have Chuck Miller in town. I admire the kind of work he's doing. He's helping a lot of families ensure that their houses and attics are safe from damages that can be caused by wildlife. Removing squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife animals should be taken care of by the experts only. High five Chuck!

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