Ask U of M Basketball Coach Josh Pastner Anything During our Live Chat

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 18th 2013 5819 0

Do you have questions for University of Memphis men's basketball coach Josh Pastner? Here's your chance to get answers, straight from the man himself.

The chat starts at 10:30 a.m. Central time.

Coach Pastner Live Chat

On Friday, January 18th at 10:30 a.m., Coach Pastner is going to answer your questions in a live video chat that will be broadcast here and on Google Hangouts.

I'm so excited, I could do this:

Submit your questions for Coach P. in the comments, and I'll get him to answer as many of them as possible during our chat. Ask anything – about him, about basketball, about how he gets to acrobatic on the sidelines. The chat will be broadcast live on I Love Memphis and Google Hangouts on the 18th at 10:30 a.m. Central time.

Author: Holly Whitfield

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  1. Dusty Nelson says:

    Could you tell us a little bit about the difficulties from transitioning from one day being an assistant coach under a coach notorious for being less that respectful to his assistants to the next day being named the head coach.  Was it difficult to gain the respect of the players in those first days as coach?

  2. Dusty Nelson says:

    Obviously per NCAA rules you can't comment on specific recruits but could you comment on some position areas that you will be focusing in on on the recruiting trail?

  3. Kerry says:

    Both of those are great questions. I’ll make sure they get asked. Thanks!

  4. lenz says:

    After tough day of handling the pressures of coaching a D1 team what is your ultimate Memphis comfort food? Conversely, what is your favorite Memphis celebration station to commemorate those thrilling wins?

  5. Brenda says:

    What are some of your favorite energy-building songs to listen to before a game? Or do you prefer silence? What does the team listen to?

  6. Are you completely on board with Athletic Director Bowen's agenda to revamp the football program, even at the expense of other Tiger sports – including basketball?  If so, how are you helping the cause?

  7. Nick says:

    Pastner, I just wanted to say that I fully appreciate everything you've done for this team. I want to thank you and the guys for your hard work, an heart that has been put forth toward acheiving the success's that you have. Hope ya stick around for awhile, your the man!!! 

  8. scott says:

    Do you read message boards and/or negative comments about yourself, and if so why?

  9. Mark Berry says:

    Coach Pastner,
    Could you tell me (as much as you can) how your team is working to improve defense?  🙂
    In particular, defending the 3 point shot and playing pressure defense for 40 minutes..
    Happy New Year to yourself, the team and your staff.

  10. Michael says:

    Coach Pastner,
    Haven't talked to you in a while hope you're doing well. What is the overall plan to get the team t keep it's intensity level up for the entire game? I look up and down the roster and it's been driving me crazy. We have one of the top 5 teams in the country on paper and yet most of the season we have seemed to play uninspired basketball. What is the plan for motivating the team and gettng them to understand that a team that doesn't play like it wants to win every game will not win every game. I just want to know what can be done about this? Motivation, intensity and the heart/will to win. 

  11. Tia Byrd says:

    Coach, thank you for all the good you are doing here in Memphis.  You do so much to stay positive and keep your comments clean, and I think  we all KNOW how you feel about positive ENERGY.  Knowing that, have you considered that broadcasting to the public and to your team that you are so nervous you want to throw up before games , is projecting a positive atmosphere to your team?? It sort of seems like an admission of lack of confidence in them.  I am sure all coaches feel that way, but they tend to keep it to themselves, which probably makes the players feel more confident than thinking "Coach is so worried that we are gonna mess up, he can't eat."

  12. Bob says:

    What's books are you reading now? What TV shows or movies have you seen recently?

  13. Jeff Hulett says:

    How do you balance the multiple roles you have to play in life i.e. coach, father, husband, son etc.? You pull it off so well, but I would imagine your work-life balance is hard to manage. 
    p.s. 99.9% of Memphis thinks you are doing a great job. the other .1% are bored and impatient. 

  14. 1. Which players get you the most excited and animated on the floor?
    2. Describe your relationship with Tom Bowen.
    3. How do your wife and kids handle your busy schedule and high profile position?
    4. What's the partnership like with the team and the Memphis Grizzlies? Anything special in the works?
    5. What team are we going to be playing in the NCAA championship game this year?

  15. Also, I agree with Jeff. We all think you are doing a great job. The very few who don't are just way more vocal than everyone else.

  16. Sorry, one more:
    What's your favorite song the band plays during the games? Which one gets you the most pumped up?

  17. Gary says:

    Why are we any better at free throws….and what is being done to improve their shooting %?
    PS: GO TIGERS and thanks for all you do for the program & city….you teach these young man a lot more than basketball.

  18. David says:

    Can anything be done going forward to make Tiger games more accessable to out of town fans, possibly even through a school sponsored & reliable source?  gotigersgo all-access is very unreliable & now even WREC radio broadcasts are unavailable.  I travel to games that I can but media access is awful for out of town supporters, fans & alumni.

  19. Tim bishop says:

    How are you progressing on the balance of family and basketball?  

  20. Jay B. says:

    What are your thoughts on the 10 team BIG EAST that will be remaining in 2014 and beyond (UConn, Temple, etc…)

  21. Chris says:

    What advice would you give to a high school coach who wants to fulfill his dream of being a college coach (perhaps an assistant or one who just sweeps the floors for the Tigers!)

  22. Joseph says:

    Could you go on and end this Pastner to USC nonsense? This city is behind you and ready to continue our pursuit for many national championships in the years to come!

  23. In your opinion, what's the hardest state/city to recruit?

  24. Chris says:

    Do you have any advice for a young high school coach who wants to fullfil his dream of being a college coach? Even if it is to start out as an assistant or one who sweeps the floors…maybe for the Memphis Tigers?

  25. JR Kamra says:

    This is AWESOME Kerry! Good job! #gotigersgo

  26. missjtiger says:

    awesome job Kerry !! enjoyed !

  27. Leonard Rut says:

    Will we see a nonconference game scheduled against Arizona in the foreseeable future ?

  28. John says:

    Over the past 4 years you have been the coach ar Memphis, which away arena is the toughest to play in.
    Looking forward to watching the team when you come to Dallas to play SMU next month

  29. Kristen says:

    Kerry, that was great!!!  You reminded me a little of Emma Stone (Skeeter) in that video!  Compelling Interview, that had to have been a blast!  I'm so envious.

  30. Janell says:

    Awesome! Thank you, Kerry!! Love him!

  31. M. Spence says:

    Best Pastner interview ever.  You should make it a weekly spot.  Thanks.

  32. kalisah says:

    If I know Bob, he will totally read The Energy Bus. 

  33. Brenda says:

    Loved this! Great job Kerry!

  34. Shawn Miller says:

    Hello Coach Pastner,
    I was just thinking, what is the drive that has you loving to stay in Memphis, because Memphis has a brutal media group? No too much on our players, but on the Coaches and Director type staff!

  35. Bob Bucella '70 says:

    How is it we cannot hold on to the great leads we start the 1st half. I think you are a very good young coach, and had a lot on your plate when Calapari deserted us. But you are getting out coached in big games; St Louis, Louisville, VC you have a Elite Eight Team, I hope we do it!

  36. Tyler Reed says:

    Is it easy to walk on for basketball ?

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