Wednesday News Update: Thanksgiving Eve Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 21st 2012 1101 0

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, y'all.

Before you gorge yourself on turkey and time with your family, check out these Memphis news updates.

First, though, check out this photo by @memphisque, an eagle-eyed Instagrammer who spotted this vintage Memphis State parking pass attached to a 1966 MG Convertable.

Photo by @memphisque via Instagram

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– First, the strangest news: The carousel in the Gangnam Style music video appears to be the same model as the one that's in the Hickory Ridge Mall. Anyone up for an invisible horse dance flash mob in Hickory Hill? (Thanks, Memphis Reddit)

– 6000 Pastries, 300 pounds of meat, 70 gallons of orange juice: here's a behind the scenes look at the Peabody Hotel's Thanksgiving brunch

– If you need something to read today, Grantland has a lengthy (and excellently written) article about the rise of Z-Bo.

Mayor Wharton gave rapper T.I. the keys to the city yesterday.

There are a lot of rumors about Rumors, a new gay bar that's supposed to open soon and fill the void left by the closings of Crossroads, Backstreet and Mary's.

– Here's a completely heartwarming story about a Memphis gardener donating 134 pounds of food to the Collierville Food Pantry.

– Fingers crossed: beer tastings could be coming to Memphis grocery stores soon

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    Is this of the same vein as the Rumors in Tupelo (Made famous in "Small Town Gay Bar?"

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