Tonight’s Plans: Get Basted with Lord T. & Eloise

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 21st 2012 1344 0

Start your Thanksgiving weekend off right by getting basted with aristocrunk* rappers Lord T. & Eloise at the Hi-Tone tonight.

Get Basted, Memphis, Tenn.

Lord T. and Eloise have been busy working on a new record (the single, called "Day Drinking", is an ode to um, getting drunk during the day), so expect some new songs. Also expect lots of powdered wigs (on Lord T), gold skin (on Eloise) and brocade coats and/or track suits (on both).

Mr. White, Beyonda Doubt and Witnesse will be there, too.

*For those unfamiliar, aristocrunk is what happens when you combine crunk rap with aristocrats. The resulting product is funny, excessive and full of all of the bravado you'd expect from both rappers and the fabulously weathly.

What: Get Basted with Lord T. and Eloise w/ Mr. White, Beyonda Doubt and Witnesse

Where: Hi-Tone Cafe

When: 9 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 21

How much: $10

Age limits: 18+

For more info:

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