Guest Post: Indie Fantasy Films, Made in Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 8th 2012 2775 0

Ed. note: I'm excited to share this guest post from Rachel Taylor about Macedonia Films, a small, independent production company that's making independent fantasy and sci-fi in Memphis. Enjoy!

In a world where corporations seem to be slowly taking over, many people have realized the importance of supporting independent business. That independent spirit is what ensures a city's individuality and unique character. The same goes not only for businesses, but also for our media.

Photo used with permission by Dan Baker

With the existence of social media resources and affordable equipment and software, a new wave of independent filmmaking is emerging. Filmmakers no longer have to move to Hollywood to live out their dreams; they can do it in their own cities. By building an online fan base, filmmakers can create content to be viewed and sold on the internet and distribute their own work without losing the rights to it.

It's a new era for filmmakers, and Macedonia Films is pushing the boundaries that have restricted independent filmmakers in the past. We are a Memphis-based filmmaking company, focusing on creating compelling sci-fi/fantasy shorts, web series, and feature films along with a blog about movies and all things geeky.

Avarice, used with permission by Dan Baker

With award-winning film "John Gray" behind us, we now proudly present our newest short film "Avarice", a short fantasy about a little girl's journey into a dark forest where she learns the consequence of choice. "Avarice" was filmed entirely in Memphis, though it differs quite a bit from the gritty films that typically emerge from the city. We had the intention of expanding the types of films made in Memphis; there is a fantastical side of the city that's waiting to be explored.

Venturing into the world of self-distribution is very difficult and scary. Our dream at Macedonia Films is to be able to tell stories that inspire others and find a way to relate to people in a meaningful way. However, we are only able to do that with support from Memphis. What's beautiful about Macedonia Films is that we are just average people daring to dream big, and we will fight to live in a world where dreams are still possible.

"Avarice" will premiere on November 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention being held at the Hilton Memphis (939 Ridge Lake Boulevard). Tickets are $5 which can be purchased at the door or online.



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