365 Things to Do in Memphis #273: Get Lost in the Mid-South Maze

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Updated October 2017. 

Cornfields are creepy. It’s not only all those haunted cornfield movies, it’s also that you can’t see what’s happening around you. The crackles and whisps and snaps you’re hearing are muffled and unclear, but also weirdly loud. There’s no way to tell if that crunching noise you just heard was a harmless critter or, you know, a zombie/guy with chainsaw/group of dead-eyed children/raptor.

Mid-South Maze, Memphis, Tenn.

I’ve been to the Mid-South Maze at the Agricenter a few times over the years, and it’s definitely one of the rites of passage for Memphis and worthy of spot #273 on the list of 365 Things To Do In Memphis.

The maze has a different design every year, sometimes going for a theme like Grizzlies players Mike Conley or Marc Gasol.

The 2017 design is a bee and a flower, which is cute unless you think about bee extinction and the apocalypse, etc. So don’t think about it! You won’t really be able to tell the design from inside the maze, and the experience is the same.

The maze usually opens mid-September and stays open through Halloween. On select days and weekends, the maze is  haunted with loud sounds, folks jumping out at you, creepy costumed actors, bloody scenes, and other spooky haunted-house-fare.

Should you do the regular maze or wait for one of the haunted weekends? That depends on how you feel about being scared and crowds.  I’m a certified scaredy cat, closing my eyes through or refusing to watch or do anything remotely horror-ish since I was scarred for life watching the Sixth Sense at that sleepover in 5th grade…and I wasn’t traumatized by this haunted maze.

On the other hand, younger kids might not appreciate it and should stick with the nice – but still sort of unsettling – fall fun of the regular maze.

Viewing Platform, Mid-South Corn Maze

The paths through the maze are clearly marked, and there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to take their time and get a little lost. It takes about an hour, usually. There are people around if you do somehow get hopelessly lost.

Though the Mid-South Maze is haunted on the weekends leading up to Halloween, during the afternoons, it’s open as a regular maze. The evidence of the haunted nights is still present, though, like a hangman’s noose and several curtains stained with fake blood.

Mid-South Corn Maze, Memphis, Tenn.

Admission to the regular maze is $7 for adults and $5 for kids. The haunted maze is $15 for everybody. It’s cash only, though I believe there’s an ATM on site.

For those who finish the maze quickly, there’s also a corn cannon (exactly what it sounds like), a giant jumping pillow (sort of what would happen if a moon bounce and a trampoline had a baby), a haunted trailer and hayrides.

The corn maze is only open for a few more days (through November 4), so go while you still can.

Go there:

Mid-South Maze
September 15 – November 4, 2017 on select days

See the schedule here

Agricenter International
7777 Walnut Grove Rd
Memphis, TN 38120

I know there wasn’t a corn field in The Lost World: Jurassic Park but corn is basically just tall grass, and it’s where my mind goes, so.


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  1. E says:

    I, too, went to this corn maze. And I found it fairly peaceful except for the blasting Lady Gaga they played over the loudspeakers. 

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