Guest Post: My First Stirring

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 24th 2012 2067 0

Ed. Note: Continuing in October's month of firsts, I'm happy to share this guest post from artist Richard Fudge on his first time painting live on stage.

Richard Fudge painting on stage at Stirrings, Memphis, Tenn.

The first time I attended The Stirring at Hope Church, I really felt as if I had come home. Never before had I been in a church that had made art so welcome and a part of the worship experience. As an artist, I felt energized to see an artist painting on stage with the band.

I continued to attend, and it didn’t take long for me to volunteer as a guest artist. It was a very unique experience.

The idea of painting on stage in front of hundreds of people is intimidating. I kept imagining all those eyes looking over my shoulder while I worked on a piece. They could see every stroke and every mistake. I wanted to get involved anyway. 

The first time I painted at The Stirring, I found that once I got started on my painting, the audience just faded away. It was just me and the painting with the band playing in the background. There are still times when I get nervous up there, but usually, I tap my foot and paint away.

I believe that life and art require faith, stepping out of your comfort zone, trusting the process, and having faith in the big picture. In both you must free yourself from worrying about details, let go of control and follow the spirit.

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  1. richard says:

    On Sunday, Oct. 28th at 5:30pm, The Stirring is celebrating 11 years of worshiping God in a unique experience. The service will be packed with great music and feature artist, Sarah Hascher. Join us for an Afterburner in the Foyer for food, live music and beautiful art created by Sarah, The Stirring Artists, and StirringKids. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend and check out what The Stirring is all about!

    The Stirring meets every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at Hope Church at 8500 Walnut Grove Rd. For more information, visit

  2. Amanda says:

    I agree, Richard!! The Stirring is a unique worship experience! I appreciate talented artists like you sharing your passion and gift on stage with us. Thank you!

  3. Lee says:

    Nice post! I was the first artist at The Stirring oh those many years ago. I did it for quite awhile, because there weren't that many artists then. Hope you enjoy your time there. Carry on!

  4. Artisoo says:

    Very good painting experience. I think you will painting more and more good paintings.

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