Tonight’s Plans: Marcella Simien avec Amis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 26th 2012 2073 0

Celebrate the week's halfway point with a free show by Marcella Rene Simien at the Mollie Fontaine Lounge.

Marcella Rene Simien, Memphis, Tenn.

Marcella's one-woman performances as Fille Catatonique are mesmerising – she writhes, shimmies and stomps her way through traditional Creole songs, her own songs and slowed-down, tarted-up covers of rock'n'roll songs (if you ever get the chance to hear her play "The Way I Walk" by the Cramps, you'll know what I mean). 

Tonight, though, she's playing with friends Ben Bauermeister on drums and Chris Owen on guitar.

What: Marcella Simien avec amis (or, with friends)

Where: Mollie Fontaine Lounge, 679 Adams Ave.

What time: 9 p.m. until they get tired

How much: Free

How old do I have to be: At least 21.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Marcella is incredible! One of the best in Memphis, I think.
    The Stylist Quo

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