More Lunch Options: the Bon-Ton Cafe Reopens Downtown (Closed)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 25th 2012 6609 0

After a four-year hiatus (and 63 years in business before that), the Bon-Ton Cafe re-opened last week.

Bon-Ton Cafe, Memphis, Tenn.

I ate lunch at the newly resurrected Bon-Ton yesterday. I never ate at the original, so I can’t speak to the menu changes, but I love that they’ve kept a lot of things, namely the amazing neon sign and classic stuck-in-1950 interior, the same.

The menu is a standard diner menu. It’s nothing fancy – just sandwiches, salads and a daily special – but it’s classic and inexpensive (there’s nothing that costs more than $10 on the lunch menu).

Bon-Ton Wrap, Bon-Ton Cafe, Memphis, Tenn.

I ordered the Bon-Ton wrap, which is grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce and honey mustard wrapped in a warm, flaky tortilla. The sandwiches come with a side of fries, chips or fruit, but I recommend subbing in a coffee mug full of tomato basil soup. It’s worth an extra two dollars to have a cup of soup that’s the exact right thickness, creaminess and basily-ness (which I know isn’t a word, but this soup was good enough to make me want to make up words).

Right now, Bon-Ton is open for breakfast and lunch, Monday through Saturday. I’ve heard talk that they’ll eventually open for dinner. I personally would love it if they were open late-night as an alternative to (or stop on the way home from) the bars.

Go there:

Bon-Ton Cafe

150 Monroe Avenue,
Memphis, TN, 38103

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  1. Lee Dodson says:

    Thanks for giving us a nice review! We have changed the menu a bit; we now offer appetizers and entrees, along with our soups, salads and sandwiches. We serve breakfast from 7 am to 11 am Monday through Friday. We serve breakfast all day on Saturday. Our hours are Monday through Saturday 7 am to 2 pm. Come see us!

  2. Melissa Massie says:

    Thanks A Bunch!! Guess What! You can also enjoy our classic American Diner with Great Food and Great Service on Sundays now. Yeahhhh! We open from 7am-2pm. Have a Happy New Year!!

  3. Mike Glasok Sr says:

    I used to eat at the Bon Ton a lot back in 1961. I was sationed at Navy Memphis in Millington and the Bon Ton was close to the USO…Good burgers in those days….The Bon Ton and the Rendevous were my two favorites….The sign looks great and brings back a lot of fond memories….

  4. Clifton Reese says:


    Im from Dallas, Tx. I live in a community we call Bonton. It amazes me that Im starting to see Cafe’s named after our community. I have a Honey company Named after it as well. Bonton Honey Co. I would love to send you guys some, and hopefully we can build a relationship. Contact me: clifton.reese@bontonhoney.com. Look forward to hearing from you!! Keep up the great work!

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