Better Know a Memphian: Filmmaker Matteo Servente

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 6th 2012 2576 0

Filmmaker Matteo Servente moved to Memphis from Torino, Italy to make "The Romance of Loneliness", a film about a woman who "abandons her plan to find herself out west to accompany her grandmother to the same-sex wedding of her cousin at a West Tennessee farmouse."

Here, he answers my questions about moving to Memphis, the city's surprises and what he wants for dinner tonight.

Matteo Servente

Name: Matteo Servente

Occupation: Filmmaker

Hometown: Torino, Italy

Neighborhood (in Memphis): Mud Island

What brought you to Memphis? "The Romance of Loneliness", the last film I made with my friend Sarah Ledbetter.

What in Memphis have you been the most surprised by? How easy it was to start feeling at home.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met in Memphis? A few people come to mind, but I'm sure nobody will get upset if I say Willie Mitchell. He's a true Memphis legend and a wonderful human being.

If you could eat anywhere in the city for dinner tonight, where would you go?  Pho Hoa Binh or Deja Vu (if only they were open for dinner).

What motivates you? Trying to keep up with some of the amazing people around me. And the passion for what I try to do.

What’s your favorite Memphis band? Deering & Down

What are you working on? A few different things. In particular, I'm gearing up to shoot a short film over the next few weeks, about two kids whose friendship is threatened by distance.

Complete this sentence: I love Memphis because: it tells it like it is.

If you'd like to see Matteo's film, there's a special screening of it on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at the Paradiso. Deering and Down (Matteo's favorite Memphis band) is playing a concert after the film. Tickets are $15 and available here.

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