Wednesday News Update: Little Drummer Boss Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 15th 2012 901 0

Today in Memphis, we've got jobs, mystery ladies, stereotypes and one very tiny drummer. Here's your Wednesday news update:

Photo by Kyle Kurlick via Instagram, With permission.

Photo by Kyle Kurlick (aka @kylekurlick on Instagram). Here's what he has to say about it: "Just saw 3 year-old Joshua Christopher walk up to a set of drums too talk for him and play like a pro. Despite being unable to reach the bass pedal, he kept up remarkably with the drum instructor."

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– First, in obligatory Elvis Week news: local music critic Bob Mehr has an interview with Elvis' cute mystery blonde, and for the first time, a Memphian has made it to the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest semifinals.

– If you're looking for a job, hustle downtown today for the Peabody Hotel's job fair. They're hoping to fill 30 full-time positions. It's going on until 3 p.m. at the hotel.

– Thanks again to everyone who tried to help me find this super cute dog a place to stay. She's gone home with someone who's going to keep trying to find her owner (and barring that, give her a forever home).

– I know we're all a little skeptical about this possible new Grizzlies owner, but maybe this will put you at ease: he's trying to work out a way for local partners to retain part ownership of the team.

– You know those silly, traffic generating city superlative polls that give our hometowns labels like "fattest" or "ugliest" or "smartest"? A Slate writer has used Google autocomplete to make a map of the U.S. that shows the stereotypes that are attached to every state.

– Lastly, if you've got a grill and a dream, you should enter the Best Memphis Burger Festival cooking contest.

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