Wednesday News Update: Bacon Hugs Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 29th 2012 1074 0

Today in Memphis, we've got feel good workplace moments, a Saturday Morning Wrestling fix, a homeless diorama and a ton of meat-related news. Try not to giggle.

Photo by Jonathan Hill

Photo by @jonathanathan via Instagram. If you'd like to see your Instagram photos here, tag them #ilovememphis.

– Heartwarming stuff first: Here's a story about a FedEx vice president that donated a kidney to her coworker.

– Alas, a wrecking crew is striking a blow to giant things on rooftops everywhere when they demolish the old dairy plant on Bellevue. We'll have to rely on the giant mouse atop Atomic Pest Control to carry the banner for our local giant things.

– In meat news (because when is there not meat news): Hardee's has a new Memphis barbecue Thickburger and a Craig Brewer-style commercial to match. Also, there are only six copies left of "Finger Lickin' Dead (A Memphis BBQ Mystery)" on Amazon.

– If you need a Saturday Morning Wresting fix, this one's for you.

– Do you have a museum? Do you need a 100 foot-long, 19-panel diorama depicting Tennessee's Civil War history? I know where you can get one.

-They understand us! They really understand us! Here are two things that will be served at Chiwawa, the new taco stand opening on Madison: Juantons and a deep fried hot dog, wrapped in a bacon hug and served in a Mexican French baguette.

Like always, if you've got a tip or something you'd like to see featured on I Love Memphis, let me know. If you've got an upcoming event (or know about a good one), submit it to the blog's calendar.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Cannot WAIT for Chiwawa. As much as I want to hate the guy that runs Yolo (WHY didn't I have the idea first?!), I know I'll love the place, likely because he's one of the principles. You had me at bacon-wrapped and "under $6".

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