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Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 3rd 2012 2384 0

When a man leans out of his food truck window and tells you that his chicken salad is "the s***" while offering you a sample on a fork, you take it. And when his thoughts on said chicken salad turn out to be true, you order it.

Chicken Salad, Scratch, Memphis, Tenn.

The truck was the Scratch truck, and it was parked in the Ridgeway Loop today for lunch. The corporate neighborhood is their regular spot – there's a built in customer base, it's far away from downtown, and it's easy to park and still be following the rules of the city food truck ordinance (50 feet from restaurants downtown, 300 feet away everywhere else).

Scratch food truck, Memphis, Tenn.

Since Scratch has no commerical kitchen, everything is made fresh daily in the truck. I let the friendly guys in the truck pick my lunch – the aforementioned chicken salad and a huge order of chocolate bread pudding.

I started with the bread pudding – it was hot, and I have a really hard time resisting baked goods.

Bread pudding, Scratch Truck, Memphis, Tenn.

The consistency was perfect – it was almost liquid in some places and there were little crunchy caramelized edge pieces.

And as I already mentioned, the chicken salad was awesome. I ordered mine in a wrap ($8), and the grilled, seasoned salad came rolled up in a tortilla with romaine lettuce and tomato slices with a small side salad.

It was plenty of food for lunch (I saved half of the wrap for later), and reasonably priced. You can keep track of Scratch via Twitter, where they post their locations and menu updates daily.

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  1. Natalie says:

    I don't think that's the right Twitter account…

  2. Sorry about that – it's fixed.

  3. J says:

    The ham, cheese and potato frittata is also very yummy! And the food prep guy is pretty nice to look at, just sayin'

  4. midtownmofo says:

    I stopped by yesterday while they were set up on Ridgeway Loop.  The wrap was delicious.  So was the salad.  Not a very big portion though.  I was starving by 3:00.

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