Better Know a Memphian: Dr. Michael and Robbie Weinberg

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 17th 2012 2001 0

Dorothy Parker once quipped that "Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." As a bespectacled lady, I can say that that's true – sometimes. Boys don't make passes at girls who wear boring glasses.

Eclectic Eye, Memphis, Tenn.

I've always been of the belief that if you've got to wear glasses, you should wear the biggest, flashiest glasses you can find. For those of you who feel the same way, there are few better places in Memphis to find unique frames than Eclectic Eye in Midtown.

Owners Robbie and Dr. Michael Weinberg have stocked their shop with quirky designer frames for the proudly foureyed. Here, they talk about the shop, why they love Memphis and their guilty pleasures.

Eclectic Eye, Memphis, Tenn.

Name(s): Robbie and Michael Weinberg    

Occupation: Husband and wife owners of The Eclectic Eye

Hometown: Memphis-all the way

Neighborhood: Central Gardens

My job is awesome because: Our team commits to what we are doing every day and is always striving to provide a great experience for our fabulous customers. Also, our customers & patient have supported us from the beginning when we decided that there was no better place than Memphis, specifically midtown Memphis, to provide optometric services and fabulous eyewear.

My guilty pleasure is: (Robbie) -Bad Reality TV;  (Mike) – iPhone apps.

If we could only eat at one local restaurant for a month, it would be: India Palace

My favorite annual Memphis event is: How do you even choose? The free Levitt Shell Concert Series is amazing but, personally, we LOVE the Memphis Zombie Walk.

Do boys, in fact, make passes at girls who wear glasses?: Absolutely.

Memphis is special because: It has the best spring and fall weather! Plus, just when you think you know everyone, you realize there is a whole new group to be explored.

People should know that: you don’t wear the same shirt or suit every day so why should you limit your glasses?  Build your eyewear wardrobe.

Glasses or contacts? Both. Glasses are useful and fun but contacts are great for certain activities.

We're proud: that there are so many people in this city talking about the good things we are doing. Memphis is an incredibly concerned and giving community. We are loyal, self-deprecating and tenacious. We dig that about Memphians. We're also both very proud to be Central High School Warriors.

We're excited about: The Harrahan Bridge project, more greenlines, the completion of Beale Street Landing, the awesome work going on at Shelby Farms, Playhouse on the Square, the potential of Overton Square, the Grizzlies, the Kroc Center and the fairgrounds and, yes, Bass Pro at the Pyramid.

We love Memphis because: Memphis is our home, our network and our support system. It has provided us with an environment to start and grow a family and a business. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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