Celebrate Purim with Hamantashen from Ricki’s

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 7th 2012 5155 0

Today marks the start of the Jewish holiday of Purim, on which the observant celebrate the deliverance of the Jews from the Persian Empire with food, drink and the occasional costume. 

Ricki's Cookie Corner in Memphis is celebrating by making Hamantashen, one of the traditional foods served during Purim.

Hamantashen, Ricki's Cookie Corner, Memphis, Tenn.

After I read Pamela D.'s post early this morning, I had to try some for myself.

Hamantashen are tri-cornered cookies that usually have a fruit filling in the middle. Ricki's has a few different varieties, so I recommend the assorted box (mine came with cherry, strawberry and apricot cookies). They're kept in the refridgerator case, which means that when I ate them before I left the parking lot they were perfectly chilled.

They're softer than I thought they would be, and the filling is sweet and has that little bit of tartness that's almost fizzy.

A package of eight Hamantashen from the all-Kosher, non-dairy bakery will run you about $7.50.

Go there:

Ricki's Cookie Corner

5068 Park Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117
Eastgate Shopping Center

(901) 866-2447

Ricki's Cookie Corner and Bakery on Urbanspoon

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  1. Stacy Blaise says:

    They look scrumptious.  Are they made all of the time or just during this holiday?
    Miss Stacy Blaise

  2. Andrew Adler says:

    Ricki’s Cookie Corner is the best bakery in Memphis hands down. I have the cookies shipped to me at college because they are just so good. The Challah is the best you can get anywhere. Hamantashens are awesome, and there is not a better place to buy them than Ricki’s. Ricki and her daughter are wonderful, and they make every customer feel valued and special. 
    Andrew Adler
    Tulane Freeman School of Business Student

  3. dan spector says:

    Hamantashen (this is the plural) are only made at Purim, but that's not religious law. It's a very delicious dough.

  4. feinberg says:

    do you make and ship RAISED DOUGH HAMANTASHEN with poppy seed?  NOT COOKIE DOUGH TYPE

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