Meet Memphian #97: Tiffany Langston

Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 7th 2011 3813 0
365 Memphians - Tiffany Langston

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Meet Memphian no. 97, Tiffany Langston. As the marketing coordinator for the Memphis Zoo, she’s responsible for promoting all of the fun things happening at the zoo. She also gets to hang out with adorable animals all day. Here are her thoughts on local food, her garden and the zoo’s cutest animal.

Name: Tiffany Langston

Occupation: Communications Specialist at the Memphis Zoo

Hometown: Anderson, SC

Neighborhood: Cordova

Number of years in Memphis: 4.5

The best thing about working at the Memphis Zoo is: that I get to take photos and video of animals and call it work.

The best thing that’s happened to Memphis in the last year is: the move toward becoming more local-centric as far as food is concerned. There are so many great locally-owned restaurants celebrating a variety of cultures, and more seem to be opening everyday.

In the future, I hope that: All of the good things about Memphis will start to outweigh the negativity that surrounds our city in the national press.

My favorite local secret is: I’m absolutely in love with Sugar Plum Consignments

I’m working on: starting my spring/summer garden. I’m going to try and grow some things that I’ve never planted before (artichokes, strawberries, blackberries) Wish me luck.

The cutest animal at the zoo is: the Porcupine Pufferfish.

My favorite annual event is: Zoo Rendezvous.

The best place to get a sandwich is: Fino’s from the Hill.

I love Memphis because: it’s a big city with Southern soul. I grew up in the South, so there are aspects that remind me of home. But, there’s a lot more to do in Memphis.

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