Overton Square Gets Plans, Downtown Gets FroYo, Theatre Memphis Gets Awards and Cheerleaders get a Mosh Pit

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 2nd 2011 1832 0

365 Memphians, Harlan T. Bobo

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Harlan T. Bobo, photographed playing with his kid-friendly band, the Love Clowns.

When people ask me which Memphis musicians I’m most excited about, I always mention Harlan T. Bobo. He’s brilliant, talented, and just a little bit off (in the good way).

If you’d like to hear some Harlan, pick up his first (and best) record, “Too Much Love”, or come to the WEVL benefit show on Saturday night at the Hi-Tone.

In other news:

– If you’ve driven past Overton Square this week, you’ve probably noticed the giant “Coming in 2012” banners on the empty buildings. There’s good news: something’s actually coming. Loeb unveiled their plans for the area last night, and they’re pretty cool – a grocery store, retail and restaurants, most using the existing buildings.

– Try as you might, you can’t avoid self-serve fro-yo (not that you’d want to, of course). In April, a new independent yogurt shop called Dream Berry is opening downtown. Right now, they’re running a contest via Facebook where someone will win free yogurt for a year.

– Congrats to Theatre Memphis for winning two AACT awards!

– Lastly, my friend (and former Memphian) Greg just sent me this video via Twitter, with the caption “University of Memphis Cheerleader Mosh Pit”. I’ll let Buzzfeed explain the rest:

“Some cheerleaders from the University of Memphis got very excited about winning a cheerleading compeition. It took about five nano-seconds for a heavy metal remix to emerge. Cheerleading is the brutalest of the black arts. In the world of heavy metal, you can make up words like “brutalest.””

Congrats, ladies!

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