Meet Memphian #67, Ryne Hancock

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 9th 2011 2685 0

365 Memphians: Ryne Hancock

67 / 365

Ryne Hancock, photographed at Cockadoo’s

Name: Ryne Hancock

Occupation: College football columnist for and student at Christian Brothers University

Memphis, Tenn.


My favorite way to spend a Saturday in Memphis is:
Spending the afternoon at Max’s Sports Bar

My favorite local sports team is:
Memphis Tiger basketball. My cousin, the late John Gunn, is one of several players who had his jersey retired by the University of Memphis.

I’m working on:
finishing by bachelor’s degree in English. I will be the first person in my family with two degrees.

In 10 years, I hope Memphis:
won’t be afraid of change. One thing that makes a town great is by embracing change, and that starts at the top.

My favorite local band is:
Iron Mic Coalition.

My idea of a perfect date is:
I would have to say dinner at Bari or Automatic Slim’s.

If I could only eat at one Memphis restaurant for a month, it would be:
Kooky Canuck

I love Memphis because:
there is so much diversity here as well as talented people. That alone is a reason why I love this city.

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  1. John Brown says:

    Were you drunk when you called in to 104.5 in Nashville this afternoon? What you said was unintelligible.

  2. Clay Travis says:

    Thanks for the call this week. Please call back into 3HL when it gets published and we'll talk about it.

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