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Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 8th 2011 3831 0

I’ve been to the Blue Monkey for drinks plenty of times, but until today, I hadn’t ever tried the food.

The menu is fairly basic, full of mostly standards like sandwiches, salads, po boys, pizzas and baked potatoes. I had the crabcake po boy, which came with my choice of side.

Crab Cake Po Boy from the Blue Monkey

Crab Cake Po Boy from the Blue Monkey

The sandwich was two crabcakes with lettuce, tomato and remoulade on a French roll. It was a little spicier than I was expecting, but the kick wasn’t unwelcome. The side of fries was awesome -they had a good crispiness-to-softness ratio and weren’t overly salted. The service was quick and friendly – I was seated, fed and out of there in less than 45 minutes, but I never felt rushed.

When I went to the Blue Monkey for lunch today, the restaurant still smelled like last night. The nearly empty dining room was dark and there was a more-than-faint smell of stale smoke. On the windowed porch, though, everything was bright and happy.

The Blue Monkey has two locations – downtown and midtown – that are open daily for lunch and dinner. Both have full bars and allow smoking, which means that you’ve got to be 21 or older to get in.

Go There:

Blue Monkey (Midtown)

2012 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38014
(901) 272-2583

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  1. L says:

    The Blue Monkey downtown has a uniquely awful smell — a mixture of unventilated kitchen and cigarette smoke.

    This is another reason why bars/restaurants should be smoking outside, no smoking inside. Bardog (no smoking downstairs) and Local (non-smoking at lunch and no smoking at lunch) have the same problem — it still smells gross at lunch (both upstairs and the dungeon downstairs at each) and you leave smelling like it even if you just walked through the smoking upstairs.

  2. Mom says:

    Yes, the food is delish!! Try the Blue Moon burger. They make it for me EVERY time I’m in town!! Friendly staff and good prices.

  3. carol gardner says:

    The Blue Monkey has the best hamburgers in town. I love hamburgers and always order them at a restaurant I am trying for the first time. The Blue Monkey out shines all if what you want is a classic burger with “pickle in the middle and the mustard on top.”

    Plus I love the laid back atmosphere. As a recovering smoker, the lingering aroma of cigs is pleasant.

  4. james says:

    I’m disappointed you didn’t find this place as fantastic as I believe it to be. The twice baked potatoes are worth a trip alone. There is a cuban sandwich that is constantly being ordered by my friends…and the pork chops make you wish every pig tasted like that.

  5. Tamara Ward says:

    I have a Blue Monkey tee shirt that I just love and have worn sooo much that there are too many holes to wear out in public. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have had when I am wearing it!!! I am in Omaha NE for a few months so I won’t be able to get there before Christmas. I want to get them for my friends. It is white with Blue Monkey in Navy. It is short sleeved and a V neck. It is made by Classic Girl. Can you HELP ME out PLEASE. Please Email me and let me know. I tried your website but nothing about tee shirts there 🙁 I appreciate it very much. And the good thing for you is FREE ADVERTISING for you lol. Thank you sooo much for your help!

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