Walkin’, Drinkin’, Cussin’, and the Most Interesting Man in the NBA.

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 24th 2011 1549 0

365 Memphians - Vanessa Waites

24 / 365

Meet the lovely and talented Vanessa Waites, a tattoo artist at Underground Art in Cooper-Young.

In other news:

– A few weeks ago, the Majestic Grille asked customers to vote for their favorite cocktail. The winner would be on special for $5 for an entire week. That week, friends, is this week: you can get the Majestic’s delicious strawberry basil martini (normally $9) for $5.

– Good news, pedestrians – you might be able to walk to Arkansas soon. According to a story in today’s Commercial Appeal, there’s been a movement to build a pedestrian boardwalk on the Harahan Bridge (aka, the bridge next to the Old Bridge). The boardwalk, which would be connected to trails on both sides of the river, wouldn’t interfere with the bridge’s current train traffic.

– Memphis, you might want to start watching your language on Twitter. Just pretend like you’re talking to your grandma.

– Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay really wants to be picked for the All-Star game. He wants to be picked so badly that he made a (hilarious) video about how he’s the most interesting man in the NBA. Way to win that staring contest, Rudy!

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