60 Degree Weather, BOGO Snowcones, Ice Skates and Cargo Airports

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 28th 2011 1488 0

365 Memphians - Eric Mathews

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Eric Mathews, photographed at Launch Memphis.

It’s an appropriate day to introduce your guys to Eric Mathews. Eric’s a local entrepreneur who works with tech start-ups. He’s the guy in charge of the LaunchPad, a shared workspace for the start-ups, and he’s done a lot of work with Mark’s Menus. This weekend, you can find him at 48 Hour Launch, most likely looking entirely too alert and composed for the negligible amounts of sleep he’ll get.

In other news:

– As proof that Memphis has the most fickle weather ever, it’s going to be 60 degrees over the weekend. Whatever. I’ll take that over snow any day.

– In celebration of the warmer weather, Jerry’s Snow Cone is having buy-one-get-one-free snow cones all day long. They’re open until 9 p.m., and only take cash.

– There’s only one weekend left to ice skate at the Memphis Zoo. The rink will be open until Sunday. After that, you’re going to have to wait until next year to try your triple axle.

– Even though 3.9 million metric tons of cargo went through Memphis International Airport in 2010, we’ve lost our claim to the busiest cargo airport in the world. Hong Kong bested us with 4.1 million metric tons. We can totally catch up this year, though.

– If you missed Mayor AC Wharton’s state of the city address yesterday, the Commercial Appeal has a recap.

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