365 Memphians, Day 4: Meet Jerel Smith

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 4th 2011 2069 0
Jerel Smith - 365 Memphians

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Jerel Smith, photographed in the art room at St. Benedict at Auburndale high school.

Name: Jerel Smith

Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.

Occupation: student

Neighborhood: Whitehaven

Everyone visiting Memphis should check out: Music Fest (in May) can’t be missed. For any other day, someone visiting should check out Beale St., especially on Saturday nights. You’ll meet awesome people and hear great music.

I’m planning to: intern with Resolute Games in the summer.

My favorite annual Memphis tradition is: It’s a tough one, but if I had to choose, it would be either Music Fest or the Cooper-Young Festival.

It’s Saturday afternoon. I’m probably: hanging out with my puppy Buddy working on my writing skills. That or hanging out with friends around town.

The best thing about the suburbs is: Around Christmas, I love to drive around and see all the houses decked out in lights. I really love the lights cued to music.

My favorite place in Memphis is: Comics and Collectibles. It’s a great comic shop that has everything a comic lover could want (and if they don’t have it, they’ll probably order it for you).

My favorite Memphis band is: Taller than Giants, I just love their sound. Their demo the “The Jellyfish Demo” is amazing from beginning to end, though I could have gone without the few lyrics at the end of “Hardcore Parkour”.

My favorite hidden gem in the city is: Coney Island in South Memphis. I love their chili burgers and fries. If I could, I would have one every day.

I love Memphis because: love Memphis because of its unique vibe of big city dreams and good southern charm. It has its problems, but what city doesn’t? I’m proud to call Memphis my home.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Oh Jerel…. you crack me up xD

  2. OMG i am so,so very proud of u. U r d dream son of every mother.

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