Wild Card Bracket Round 2: Barbecue Nachos vs. Barbecue Spaghetti

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 23rd 2010 4123 0

It’s time for round two of the Barbecue Brackets Wild Card Bracket. Let’s meet today’s contenders:

In this corner, it’s the barbecue nachos from Central Barbecue:

Barbecue nachos from Central Barbecue, Memphis, Tenn.

And over here, the barbecue spaghetti from Bar-B-Q Shop:

Barbecue spaghetti from Bar-B-Q Shop, Memphis, Tenn.

The food:

Take a look at the picture of Central’s nachos. That’s a half order. It’s an intense pile of tortilla chips topped with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, nacho cheese and shredded cheese with jalepenos on the side. They’re good – really, really good. There’s something magical in the combination of Central’s delicious, smoky sauce and oozing orange nacho cheese. They do get a little messy – about three napkins in, I gave up and switched to using a fork. I’d totally order these again. (8.5 points)

On second tasting, I liked Bar-B-Q shops spaghetti a little bit more. This time, I got a side order, which made eating them a lot more manageable. The chunks of pork were tender and had a great smoky flavor. I’m still not entirely sold on the sauce. It’s not spaghetti sauce, and it’s not barbecue sauce – it’s just kind of greasy. (7 points)

The service:

I went to Central a little bit after their normal lunch rush, so there wasn’t a huge line queuing at the register. The guy taking orders was super friendly and relaxed. The service was typically quick – it took about five minutes for the food to come out. (9 points)

Even though I got my barbecue spaghetti to-go, the service at Bar-B-Q shop was excellent. My order was taken quickly and it came out of the kitchen within about 10 minutes (I didn’t call ahead). Everyone I talked to was friendly and smiling.  (9 points)

The atmosphere:

Even after the regular lunch hour, Central was fairly busy. It was completely casual, though – everyone, from suits to slackers, is equal at Central. (7.5)

Bar-B-Q Shop’s dark, low-key dining room was bustling when I was there for lunch today. I only had one complaint about the vibe today – there’s nowhere to wait for to-go orders. I wound up standing awkwardly in the doorway, trying to stay out of the way of people coming in. (7 points)


The cost of a half order of barbecue nachos from Central Barbecue: about $6.50. That’s not bad for enough food to share. (8)

The cost of a side order of barbecue spaghetti from Bar-B-Q Shop: about $4.50. That’s not bad, but keep in mind that you’ll probably want something else to eat with it if you get a half order. (7)

The winner: Central will move on to the Wild Card championship round with 33 points.

Go There:

Central Barbecue

2249 Central Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104-5507
(901) 272-9377

Central BBQ (Midtown) on Urbanspoon

Bar-B-Q Shop

1782 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 272-1277

Bar-B-Q Shop on Urbanspoon

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  1. Reece Savage says:

    Central BBQ rocks. Every time i visit Memphis I make a stop at Central BBQ.

  2. Stacey says:

    I didn’t know you could get a half order of nachos. excellent news. And sorry, but if the spaghetti would have won, there would be trouble!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Excellent decision. There’s really not much better than Central’s nachos.

  4. MrsABC1016 says:

    There is a phenomenal BBQ place in Memphis that doesn’t get much attention.. One and Only BBQ at Poplar & Kirby. Their dry ribs blow the Rendezvous out of the water! Definitely give them a try!!

  5. Terri says:

    If you like Central’s BBQ nachos, you MUST try Patrick’s (at Park and Mendenhall) version. Soooo good 🙂

  6. Justin says:

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  8. hailey anderson says:

    justin is mean but im not!…..i don’t think bad like justin

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  11. Justin says:

    this is the best blogs but i dont like BBQ pork sandwitches

  12. hailey anderson says:


  13. Justin says:


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