Get a Late Night Pizza Fix at Juicy Jim’s on the Highland Strip (Closed)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 29th 2010 4061 0

Some of Memphis’ best pizza is made by a guy named Juicy Jim at a bar on the Highland Strip.

On the menu, the pizza is described as “New Jersey Style”. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but judging by the pie, it’s like New York Style, but with smaller slices. Whatever style it is, the pizza I got at Juicy Jim’s was fantastic.

Sausage pizza from Juicy Jim's

The crust was thin, but not overly crispy. It was covered in super gooey melted cheese and marinara sauce. I added sausage, mostly because my waitress described it as “the bomb-dot-com”. I had a medium, which seems to be about the size of most pizzerias’ large pies.

Juicy Jim is a real man, and his restaurant actually two separate places. On the east side of the street, Juicy Jim’s sells an impressive list of sandwiches. Almost directly across the street is Juicy Jim’s Pizzeria, a late-night pizza joint and bar. I’ve been told that this is because the sandwich part of Juicy Jim’s empire is located next door to a Domino’s that has a non-compete clause with the building’s landlord (though, why Jim wouldn’t consolidate his empire into the location across the street is beyond me).

The pizzeria has a late-night vibe. There are pool tables in the back and well stocked bar that has Ghost River and Magic Hat on tap. It’s open every day until 3 a.m. They’ve got delivery, but it’s a fairly limited area – I would recommend picking your food up if you’re more than 3 blocks away.

Go there:

Juicy Jim’s Pizzeria

551 S. Highland

Memphis, TN 38111

(901) 435-6243

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  1. Amy Rogan says:

    I am a regular at Juicy Jim’s. its actually the Memphis Womens Rugby Social bar! Not only is the pizza tasty but also a bargain – Jim offers a lunch special – $5 Small Bar Pie & Pint! He also sells the Pizza, minus the pint for $5 in the evenings! You are also able to order his phenomenal sandwiches, he has a runner that brings it over. 🙂 You must try one of his many phillysteaks! The meat is very good quality and very delicious!

  2. Tamara says:

    I have had horrible service at Juicy Jim’s Pizzeria TWICE.

    He was on site both times.

    I will not be back.

  3. Terri says:

    Deliciousness trumps poor service anyday. JJ pizza IS the 🙂 Mmmm.

  4. George says:

    Man the best cheese steak in Memphis and the best PIE not pizza but PIE. And a LARGE pie is just that, A LARGE pie. It’s disgusting what the other wanabe pie joints in Memphis get away with calling a large. Jim you keep a eye on the pies and they will take care of you!!

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