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Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 11th 2010 3047 0

After a lengthy opening process, the Revive Energy Bar inside of Minglewood Hall is finally up and running. It’s the most recent business to open inside of the huge Minglewood space (joining Oasis Liquid, Inked, and the 1884 Lounge).

Cereal Bar at Revive Energy Bar, Memphis, Tenn.

Cereal Bar at Revive Energy Bar, Memphis, Tenn.

My favorite part of Revive is their cereal bar. There are 20 different kinds of cereal in wall mounted dispensers. An unlimited bowl of cereal is $4, and mixing flavors is completely encouraged (I went with a mix of Apple Jacks and Honeycomb). There’s also a toppings bar, for people who want to top their cereal with dried fruit, nuts or candy.

They’ve also got a ton of different kinds of coffee and some small food items.

Inside Revive Energy Bar, Memphis, Tenn.

Inside Revive Energy Bar, Memphis, Tenn.

The space is bright, clean and modern. There are a handful of tables, clusters of couches and several bar seats near the windows.

Revive also has an aromatherapy oxygen bar. Here’s how it works: First, you pick the “flavor” filtered oxygen you want – fruit (a mix of strawberry, peach and apple) or herbal (a blend of lavender, eucalyptus and lime). Then, you plop down in a bright blue airplane chair, stick two small plastic tubes up your nose and breathe.

The oxygen bar at Revive Energy Bar

The oxygen bar at Revive Energy Bar

It’s supposed to make you feel calmer and more energized. When I tried it, I stood up a little bit more relaxed, but it could have just been because I spent ten minutes breathing deeply.

Revive is open daily from 6:30 a.m. until 1 a.m., which makes it a perfect place to hang out late if you’re not in the mood for a bar. They’ve got free wireless access, too.

Go There:

Revive Energy Bar

1555 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

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  1. Daniel Sage says:

    I play at Revive every Sunday at 9pm so come out and support local music! No cover!

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