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Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 16th 2010 2359 0

When I saw construction workers building a pedestrian bridge between the University of Memphis law school and Confederate Park, I thought they were a little crazy. I mean, how hard is it to walk to the street corner and cross Court like a normal person? Was a bridge really necessary?

But when I was walking around downtown last night after dinner, I noticed something about the bridge that completely changed my mind: it lights up.

Light Up Bridge, Memphis, Tenn.

Even better, it’s motion activated. When you step onto the bridge, a square of green light shoots down the length of it.

Sure, people could still just as easily cross the street at the intersection, but this is way better.

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Light-up bridge

Court Ave. at Front St.

Between U of M Law School and Confederate Park

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  1. Kalisa says:

    That’s kind of like my Kroger, where the lights in the freezer section are motion activated, so they come on as you stroll down the aisle with your cart. I love that.

  2. It was an Urban Arts Comission project. Created by Electroland out of California. They have done some amazing work all over the world. Proud that Memphis is represented. My 4 year old, Atticus, loves racing the lights. We were frequent visitors this summer and fall. Kids really love it. Advice, best entry point is from the south side.

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