Say Amen! for Sister Myotis’s Bible Camp

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 20th 2010 2031 0

I think I had a spiritual awakening at Sister Myotis’s Bible Camp last night, but it could have just been the ambrosia salad.

Less theater and more tent revival, Sister Myotis’s Bible Camp is a show that you can get involved in. You’re encouraged, no, required to get involved. Take the salad – its ingredients (whipped cream, canned fruit, marshmallows, coconut and a can of Ensure, topped with Fruity Pebbles) were mixed live, onstage by a volunteer. Spoonfuls were slopped into bowls and passed to the audience.

You can try to deny the involvement. You can refuse the cubes of Velveeta speared on toothpicks. But you shouldn’t – Sister Myotis’s Bible Camp is at its best when you give in to temptation.

The show is positioned as an introductory session for a week-long church retreat for good Christian ladies that will cover all sorts of useful topics – marriage, home and hearth, hygiene, and “Children: God’s little challenge”. The three-person cast is two-thirds male. The wigs are architecturally impossible. And the show is hilarious.

Be warned, though, that this Bible Camp is not for children. The humor is raunchy and sophomoric,  and there’s a bit of lewd dancing. You’ll laugh – hard.

The cast is fresh from a successful off-Broadway run in New York. The show will run at Theatreworks in Midtown for three weeks (until Sept. 5th).

The good news is, I’ve got two tickets to give away as part of the 30 Days of Free Stuff. And the winner is…Krieg Taylor!

If you’re name’s not Krieg, you can pick up tickets online, or at the Theatreworks box office for $20.

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