Bad Puns, Hurricane Elvis, and the Chicago Tribune

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 22nd 2010 2211 0

Where Friends "Meat", Memphis, Tenn.

198 / 365

Tom’s serves some pretty delicious barbecue. They also serve some really bad puns.

In other news:

– Memphis got a pretty impressive write up in the Chicago Tribune today. The story is largely about all of the cool, historical things there are to do in the city. While they stick largely to talking about the classic spots to visit in Memphis, a few of my favorite places – Earnestine & Hazel’s and Wild Bill’s – get shout outs.

– As of today, it’s been seven years since Hurricane Elvis’ 100 mile-per-hour winds ripped through the city. If you feel the need to celebrate, Jerry’s has a Hurricane Elvis-flavored snow cone. Granted, I don’t know what flavor that is exactly (tree bark? The flavor of people grilling everything left in their fridges before it goes bad, perhaps?) but hopefully, it won’t give you flashbacks.

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