Ecko Records: For Your Party Later!!

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 9th 2010 2432 0
Ecko Records, Memphis, Tenn.

Ecko Records, Memphis, Tenn.

A few days ago, I noticed Ecko Records while driving to Graceland. Their sign promises a shop full of soul, blues, gospel, and old school music. They’ve got a sign in the window that says “Ecko Records now open. Get in 2-Day 4 your party later!!” It sounded like my kind of place.

I made a trip back to Ecko this afternoon. I was hoping that the tiny shop would be packed full of vinyl, but save for a small bin of local rarities on 45 and some cassette tapes on super sale, the selection is mostly CDs.

CDs at Ecko Records, Memphis, Tenn.

CDs at Ecko Records, Memphis, Tenn.

Ecko carries a ton of gospel and R&B. They’ve got a small blues section and some soul records. The selection wasn’t huge, and it was mostly newer CDs. Posters for new releases are plastered to the walls and there’s a small listening station at the back of the store.

I picked up a Jimmy Reed rarities CD and took it to the counter, which is behind a big glass wall, sort of like a bank teller. To check out, you put your purchase in a drawer and the shop owner opens it from his side of the glass and completes the sale.

Ecko has only been open since December, so I’m hoping that as they’re open longer, they’ll get a bigger selection.  It’s a pretty cool shop, and I’d love to see more classic soul and vinyl on the racks. If you’re looking for local R&B and gospel releases, this is a great place to find them.

Go There:

Ecko Records

1477 Bellevue Blvd.

Memphis, TN 38107

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  1. Wintermute says:

    There has been an Ecko Records on Hollywood, a recording studio and label. This affiliated? May be a problem.


  2. Rayfield McDonald says:

    can i get a catalog

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