Project 365 Photo #47 (And a Few Other Items)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 16th 2010 1969 0
47 / 365

47 / 365

The guys from Backbeat Memphis filmed an episode on Ching’s Wings today, and they were kind enough to let me tag along. That’s Memphis Jones behind the counter and Jeremy Greene with the camera.

You can’t see their bespectacled cohort Josh and I, but know that we were sitting nearby, slurping down Orange Mound punch. I’m not entirely sure what all goes into Orange Mound punch, but know that’s it’s kind of like drinking a sweettarts covered in Tang. But fizzy. Sort of.

– In other news, it’s Mardi Gras, and in celebration, Restaurant Iris is offering a three course meal for $30. There’s are going to be specials at Cafe 1912 and Owen Brenan’s, too. There’s also a parade on Beale St. at 5 p.m.

– My favorite local all-girl band, the Hot Pink Paperclips, are going to be playing at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens on Saturday. They met at Delta Girls Rock Camp, and though they’re all underage, they’ve got a sound that’s reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney.

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  1. […] called Ghetto Aid that’s a super sweet mashup of three different Kool-Aid flavors that makes Ching’s Orange Mound Punch seem logically sweetened. Mmmm, […]

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