Wear Your Memphis Pride on Your Thighs

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One thing that the owners of Thigh High Jeans want everyone to be clear on is that they’re a Memphis company. Their studio is located in downtown Memphis, they  print “Made in Memphis” on all of their tags, and they recently got permission to use mayor A.C. Wharton’s “One Memphis” slogan on their custom-made reconstructed denim.

Thigh High’s co-owner Ann Smithwick explained it like this – “Memphis has been good to us and we want people to know it.”

Inside the Thigh High Jeans Studio, Memphis, Tenn.

Inside the Thigh High Jeans Studio, Memphis, Tenn.

Thigh High Jeans was started two months ago by Smithwick and Kerry Peeples. The company gives new life to old denim through embellishment and reconstructs them into one-of-a-kind jeans with inspirational quotations embroidered on the thighs.

Here’s the thing about the quotes, though – you never know what you’re going to get. When you order a pair of Thigh High Jeans online, you’re asked to answer a few short questions about your personality. When your jeans arrive 3 – 4 weeks later, they’ll have a quote individually chosen by Ann and Kerry printed on the thigh.

A rack of Thigh High Jeans, Memphis, Tenn.

A rack of Thigh High Jeans, Memphis, Tenn.

According to Ann, the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. It makes sense – each pair of jeans retails for $50 with a portion of the sale of the jeans go to one of Smithwick and Peeples’ selected local, national or international charities.

Thigh High is also trying to keep their operation as low-impact as possible. They use donated and recycled jeans (every pair has that buttery already-broken-in feeling) and thrifted scarves and plantable tags that double as wildflower seed packets.

Ann Smithwick and Kerry Peeples, owners of Thigh High Jeans

Ann Smithwick and Kerry Peeples, owners of Thigh High Jeans

If you want to get your legs into some Thigh High Jeans, you can order them online or make an appointment to visit their space in the old Greyhound building downtown for a fitting. You can also bring or send in a pair of your old jeans for customization.

If you’ve got jeans you’d like to donate, drop them in one of the collection bins at Otherlands, Republic Coffee, Square Beans Coffee, Java Coast or Poplar Perk’n.

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  1. Nooschi says:

    Oh wow! That is too cool. Loved reading this post, thanks! Never realized how cool Memphis really was.

  2. Isabelle Normand says:

    Hey Ann !

    this me, Isa !!! I m trying to find you for a long time. Please answer me. I see you on the picture above !!!
    You are the same !



  3. Gee Gee Chandler says:

    Kerry! I’ve been in Florida for 3 months and look at the great thing that has happened in Memphis since I’ve been gone. And, you and Ann did it! I’ll be back soon and of course I’ll want a pair.

  4. Wanda Horton says:

    I was eating lunch at Mcalister with a fellow teacher and noticed a lady wearing those cool Thigh High jeans. I MUST have a pair. Upon writing the name of your store on a napkin, I got online to seek where you are located. Do you have them ready to wear? Can I just come in and shop? Please tell me how I can get a pair or two ASAP. I'm going out of town this weekend and would love to get some to take on my trip. Please contact me ASAP ! 
    Wanda Horton 

  5. Cecelia says:

    Hello sweet Lady, I miss you most of all!

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