St. Blues Makes the Prettiest Guitars in Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | December 15th 2009 2693 0

Living in a city full of musicians is a little intimidating if you don’t really have any rock’n’roll talent.

I was in band in high school (marching tuba, concert contrabass clarinet) and I can play four songs on the ukulele that my husband gave me for my birthday (Sheena is a Punk Rocker, 26 Miles, and You Can’t Always Get What You Want, in case you were curious). Last time I checked, high school marching band wasn’t terribly cool.

When I stopped into St. Blues Guitar Workshop yesterday afternoon, I felt a little lost.

Even the cardboard cutouts can play at St. Blues Guitar Workshop

Even the cardboard cutouts can play at St. Blues Guitar Workshop

St. Blues started making guitars in 1984. Their first guitar was called the Bluesmaster, a pretty, curvy electric that’s been played by Bono, Eric Clapton, Albert King, and a slew of other big deal guitarists.

After a 17 year-long hiatus, St. Blues Guitar Workshop returned to Memphis. Every guitar from St. Blues is finished and set up in their showroom / workspace on Marshall in Midtown.

St. Blues Guitar Workshop

St. Blues Guitar Workshop

Their completely gorgeous hand-crafted guitars can get expensive. If I could play guitar (and had a bunch of cash), I would totally go for this Bluesmaster. St. Blues has a scratch and dent rack that’s full of near-perfect guitars that have minor issues that don’t affect the quality of the guitar but prevent them from being sold to a dealer.

Scratch and Dent Rack at St. Blues Guitar Workshop

Scratch and Dent Rack at St. Blues Guitar Workshop

I’m quite partial to that bright yellow one, and the orange one (top left). I hope they go to a good home.

Go There:

St. Blues Guitar Workshop

645 Marshall Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103

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  1. Jim Basara says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Saint Blues makes phenomenal guitars and does Memphis proud!

  2. marty chiani says:

    I researched the st blues mississippi bluesmaster with p90s, listened to the sound from st blue’s site in tenn, and read all the reviews both good and bad(99% good)and purchased one from Adirondack Guitar in Hudson Falls, NY(authorized dealer). They are great to deal with you actually talk to someone, and best prices. This guitar is a great investment both to learn on and its value will only increase once everyone finds out how well they are made and sound!!!!

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