Summer Food Truck Perfection: Sushi, Tacos, Popsicles

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Last Friday night, two new Memphis food trucks parked at Memphis Made Brewing, right by the big red I Love Memphis mural. Naturally, I had to check it out.

sushi jimmi tacos with mural

Sushi Jimmi

Sushi Jimmi is a sushi/Asian fusion truck. They serve not-fried and deep fried sushi rolls, including hand rolls, plus Japanese tacos and other items like skewers, spring rolls, and egg rolls.

sushi jimmi truck

I had sushi the day before (from Fresh Market – it was actually pretty tasty) so I went for the Japanese tacos ($7 for three). My friend went for the Los Angeles roll ($12).

After just a few minutes, we both had our orders. My carton held three chicken tacos: slices of panko breaded chicken nestled in corn tortillas, topped with a pico de gallo-ish mix of onions, tomatoes, and cilantro, plus cabbage and an aioli-like sauce. Each taco had a generous slice of fresh avocado (no really, perfectly ripe and not brown) and a couple of jalapeños and lime slices.

sushi jimmi chicken close up

Spoiler alert: they were delicious and may be one of my new favorite tacos. The flavors and textures were on absolutely on point. I liked the crunch of the cabbage with the creamy sauce and flavorful chicken and the avocado just took it to the next level.

I even liked the corn tortillas: others should take note of whatever style or preparation Sushi Jimmi uses to avoid the limp soggy fate far too many corn tortillas face. I probably could have survived on just two of the three tacos, but who am I kidding? They were so good I finished all three, a nice, big meal for only seven bucks.

sushi jimmi tacos with beer
Beer pairing recommendation: Memphis Made Soulful Ginger

I tried a piece of the Los Angeles roll as well. This is a serious sushi roll: shrimp tempura, spicy crawfish, cucumber, avocado, crabs stick, crunchies, roe, spicy mayo, eel sauce and more. It was huge; one roll is plenty for a meal, especially if you’re having a beer with it. If you like tricked-out sushi rolls with all cooked fish, go for this one.

sushi jimmi los angeles roll

Sushi Jimmi’s menu changes like most food trucks, so while there were no vegetarian rolls on the menu on Friday, I imagine they’d have some in the future or be willing to make one vegetarian.

sushi jimmi los angeles roll close up

You can follow Sushi Jimmi on Twitter @sushijimmi or on Facebook.


For dessert, we moseyed across the parking lot to the absolutely adorable former mail truck that now serves homemade fresh fruit popsicles on the go. MemPops has a half-dozen flavors that change frequently, and they plan to post up in the Memphis Made Taproom parking lot most weekends through the summer.

mempops truck with mural

If you’ll recall, Friday night was hot. In an attempt to change my mindset from “I’m melting in a humid desert” to “I’m melting in a tropical paradise”, I chose the pineapple coconut flavor while my friend went with the strawberry basil. Both were very tasty and had bits of fruit here and there, so you know they’re made from real fruit.

mempops logo

In fact, towards the end, the coconut bits were a bit much, but it’s not enough to deter me next time I have a tropical craving. I had a bite of the strawberry basil and it was sweet and delicious. Others were raving about the avocado flavor.

mempops flavors

You can find MemPops by following them on Twitter @MemPopS or on Facebook.

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