5 Things To Do This Weekend: 5/1 – 5/3 (Giveaway ended)

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Happy Memphis in May! If you want to read more about this weekend (which I'm calling the Biggest/Best/Busiest Weekend Ever) click here

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I'm giving away tickets Beale Street Music Festival! I have 1 pair each for for Saturday and 1 pair for Sunday. Here's how to win (read ALL the instructions): Giveaways ended! Congrats to our winners, Jessica and Kristen!

1. Comment on this post telling me if you want to go on Saturday. If you want to go on Sunday, CLICK HERE to comment on this post on Instagram and tag the friend who you'll take with you.
2. I will draw two random winners, one for Sat. and one for Sun., at 10 a.m. on Saturday, so be ready to check your email (set a phone alarm, maybe). If I don't hear from you pretty quickly, I'll have to give them to someone else, and that would be sad.
3. If you are one of the random winners, you must respond to my email and you must be available to meet me in person on Saturday (tomorrow, May 2) in midtown at noon. 

That's it! Good luck!

Here are the 5 things you won't want to miss this weekend. 

1. Beale St. Music Fest, Tom Lee Park, Friday – Sunday, all day, $50+, 13+ 
I don't want to jinx this, but the forecast looks…not rainy for Beale Street Music Festival. The festival, which kicks off Memphis in May, is three days of live music from artists like Lenny Kravitz, Pixies,  Avett Brothers, Ed Sheeran, Hozier, and John Fogerty. Before you go, study the ABCs of Memphis in May.

2. Cooper Young Art Tour, Cooper Young businesses, Friday, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m., all ages/kid-friendly
Tonight is the second monthly Cooper Young Art Tour, where a dozen neighborhood businesses, restaurants, and galleries host pop-up art exhibits and open house. Something very special for this Friday is an open house at Revolutions Bicycle Co-Op at First Congo. 

3. Matt Ruby Stand-Up Show, Brass Door (152 Madison Ave.), Friday, 8 p.m., $5, 18 and up
Comedian Matt Ruby has been featured on CNN.com, Huffington Post, MTV, NY Mag, Gawker, a ton of comedy fests, plus his own blog Sandpaper Suit, and video comic strip Vooza. And he's coming to the Brass Door for one night, for just five buckaroos. It's a great alternative for entertainment tonight if you're not a music fest person, or if you just like comedy. Or fun.

4. Cafe du Memphis, Overton Park East Parkway Pavilion, Saturday, 9 a.m. – noon, $6-$15, all ages
Join the Memphis Rotary Club in the Overton Park East Parkway Pavilion for a morning of food and fun. Proceeds to benefit the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality. Menu highlights: Cafe a Lait, Beignets, Shrimp & Grits, Beer, Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Milk Punch

5. Latino Memphis Fest, Overton Park, Saturday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., free, all ages
Spend Saturday at Overton Park celebrating the growing Hispanic culture in Memphis at the Latino Memphis Fest and Cinco-K-Mayo 5K. The race starts at 9 a.m. and the party goes 'til 4 p.m. with music, tons of food, shopping, and a salsa tasting contest. 

Don't forget that Sunday is also Game 1 of Round 2 of the Western Conference playoffs for the Grizzlies. They'll take on Golden State at 2:30 p.m. Go here to see some suggestions on where to watch or the schedule, or head to the TN Brewery or contact the Rec Room to rent out a screen to watch with friends. 

If you want to see the Kentucky Derby or the Mayweather v. Pacquiao boxing match on Saturday, both the Tennessee Brewery and Rec Room are showing them. You need to contact the Rec Room directly at recroommemphis.com or (901) 209-1137 to find out seating, cost, and screen availability. 

I hope you have a great weekend. Don't forget to tag your photos #ilovememphis or #bestMEMweekend and they might show up on the blog next week.

Author: Holly Whitfield

I write about what’s going on with Memphis music, food, arts, events, sports, people, and culture. Memphians love Elvis and barbeque with a passion that must be seen to be believed, but there is so much more to this place.

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  1. Kassidy says:

    Saturday, please! 

    LOVE the blog! I've been here 6 weeks and this is my go-to on what's happening in Memphis. Thanks, Holly!

  2. Tracy J says:

    I would love to go on Saturday!

  3. Margaret M says:

    Saturday! I love your blog pick me!

  4. Chris Wiley says:

    Saturday would be amazing! Free chance to see the Avett Brothers, et. al!

  5. April Shea Cordova says:

    I would love to go to the Beale street music festival…

  6. Sarah Smith says:

    I want to go Saturday!!!!

  7. sharon says:

    My daughter is wanting me to take her Saturday and I would love to be able to do that with tickets won here!!!!  Yall always have all the SCOPE!!!! Thanks


  8. sharon says:

    My daughter is wanting me to take her Saturday and I would love to be able to do that with tickets won here!!!!  Yall always have all the SCOPE!!!! Thanks


  9. Carol says:

    I would love to go on Saturday!

  10. Amanda Duncan says:

    I would love to go on saturday! I really want to see Lecrae.

  11. Sarah says:

    I want to go on Saturday!

  12. Hayley Isaac says:

    I'd love to go on Saturday! First BSMF with a 0% rain chance in the history of ever! YAY!

  13. Will says:

    I would kill for a date night with my wife! Pick me! Pick me! Love the blog!

  14. Gwen Hooper says:

    To the tune of Saturday in the Park: Saturday in John Lee Park, I think was Memphis in May. Thanks for your good work and contributions. Moved to Memphis 1 year ago and you're always spot on!

  15. Greg says:

    I would like to go

  16. Jared Richmond says:

    My most recent epic weekend actually happend at the TN brewery. Meet some new friends, sat outside in the courtyard, laughing talking and drinking great beer. Then since im a baker, i went home and grabbed a fresh made caramel cake and we sat outside and ate the entire cake with our hands… Until the place closed… Epic

  17. Jennifer F says:

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! I'd love tickets for Saturday. 

  18. David says:

    Hoping to win tickets for Saturday!

  19. Taylor Greenburg says:

    I would LOVE to see Paramore on Saturday! 

  20. VERONICA JONES says:

    Saturday tickets would be GREAT!

  21. Jeremy says:

    I would love to win tickets for saturday. George Clinton and Band of horses in the same day!

  22. Laci Brasher says:

    I soooo want to go on Saturday!!! ❤️

  23. Dylan says:

    Help me, I'm poor.

    And I have a friend coming into town. 

    And am honestly surprised there isn't a tornado watch in effect.

  24. Christine Fox says:

    I would LOVE to go Saturday and take my daughter!

  25. Stacie says:

     I want to go Saturday!!

  26. Amy Treadway says:

    I’ll be going Saturday and Sunday, either way, but would love to go for free!

  27. Megan Stanford says:

    I'd love to go to BSMF on Saturday! 

  28. Jonathan M says:

    Would love to go Saturday.

  29. Alison says:

    I would love to go to the Beale St Music Festival and see Band of Horses!

  30. Kayleigh says:

    I would love to go on Saturday! I am driving in from Texas, and want to experience all the best things Memphis has to offer! 

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Saturday please! That would be so awesome! 

  32. Ashley says:

    I want to go on Saturday! Thanks for the info!

  33. Taylor says:

    Saturday has a great lineup! Hopefully I win the tickets!

  34. Shelby Scott says:

    I have a friend coming from Alabama this weekend and would love to be able to take him to music fest on Saturday!! 

  35. Matt Dietz says:

    Would love some tickets for Saturday ! Your blog is best. Moving here from out of  town it was my go to for what's happening 

  36. Kolony says:

    I would love to go on Saturday!  I would love to be able to surprise my son!  Thanks!  

  37. Jenny says:

    I'd love to take my boyfriend on Saturday! 

  38. Erica T. says:

    Yes please!!!!!!

  39. Kelly says:

    I would love to win Saturday tickets! Band of horses and Avett brothers!

  40. Susan Blackwood says:

    I would love to go on Saturday!

  41. Kelsey Climer says:

    Would love to go Saturday (Or Sunday too even honestly) but if I can only pick one I guess I would say Saturday!

  42. Angelina Kuo says:

    We would love to go!

  43. Tate says:

    I want to go!

  44. Taylor Brown says:

    i want to go to Beale street music fest on Saturday!

  45. Erica says:

    I'd love to go Saturday! Great line-up! 

  46. Emilie says:

    I'd love to go on Saturday! I want to party with Lindsey Stirling and Wale

  47. Matt says:

    I'd love to go on Saturday.

  48. Sharon R. says:


  49. Ashley Boyd says:

    I would like to go on Saturday. I want to go see Paramore and George Clinton. I want to take my mother. This would be me and my mother's first time. A great early Mother's Day present.

  50. Brendan says:

    I’d love to go to the music fest for my first Memphis in May as a Memphian!

  51. Sara says:

    I love Memphis, I love BSMF! Pick me please!! 🙂

  52. Joe F says:

    I would love to go on Saturday! Thanks so much for doing this Holly! You rock!

  53. Sara says:

    Correction: I want to go on Saturday!

  54. Breezy Lucia says:


  55. Jessica says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me for Saturday! My boyfriend and I would LOVE to go!!

    Thank you!

  56. Heather says:



  57. Mary says:

    I would love to be able to see Flogging Molly and Paramore on Saturday

  58. Joey says:

    Saturday tickets would be fantastic!

    Here's to kicking off MIM and welcoming all of our visitors in town.

  59. martha stephens says:


  60. Erica says:

    I would love to go on Saturday!! I haven't gone to Music Fest since high school. I think it's about time! 🙂

  61. Susanne says:

    Fingers crossed – love to go on Saturday!

  62. martha stephens says:

    #@ jewel Donaldson!!!!

  63. Jeanne-Marie Laborde says:

    Memphis in May!! Yes please!!

  64. jewel donaldson says:

    Would love to win these tickets for Saturday, please. #martha stephens

  65. Melissa says:

    I would LOVE to go with my husband! =D

  66. Audrey says:

    I❤️Memphis blog is always spot on with the best things to do in Memphis! I've been here for just over a year now and since I found the blog it has transformed my memphis experience. I have not been able to attend a memphis in May event, let alone the BSMF!!! I NEED the tickets for Saturday. Help me make this MY Memphis in May. 

  67. Anna says:


  68. Ericka N says:

    This hard working teacher would love to go on Saturday! I've never been before.

  69. Marriah says:

    Always LOVE Music Fest!!! I'd love Tickets for Saturday!!! 🙂


  70. Alexis says:

    I would love go on Saturday! Great break from finals plus I'm poor. 

  71. Ty Carlton says:

    I’m from Alabama and would love to go to music fest Saturday!!

  72. Kristen Snell says:

    I would love to Go Saturday. Thx for the opportunity.

  73. Edgardo T. Nava says:

    I would like to go to the festival on Saturday 🙂 !

  74. Courtney Williams says:

    I would like to go Saturday. I just moved to Memphis 2 months ago and I am really enjoying the city so far. Also, the very nice weather this weekend would be a great first BSMF experience.

  75. Andrea Wade says:


  76. Jessica says:

    I (really, really) want to go Saturday!!!! 

  77. Randall Wakefield says:

    I want to go Saturday!

  78. Christy Gibson says:

    I want to go!

  79. Melissa Smith says:

    Would absolutely love to celebrate our birthdays Saturday with Austin!!! Thank you 🙂

  80. Renee Wimberly says:

    Would LOVE to go Saturday!! I've never been! 

  81. Sarah Woodward says:

    Lived in Memphis 8 weeks and have done it all thanks to your blog. Now I want to finish strong with the Saturday Memphis in May Music Fest! I Love Memphis!

  82. Roshani says:

    I would absolutely love to enjoy Beale Street Nusic Festival on Saturday! My husband and I are moving from Memphis on Saturday (unfortunately) and would love to spend our last full day enjoying one of the biggest events this city has the pleasure of hosting! Thank you! 

  83. Tarris Smoot says:

    I want to go Saturday!

  84. Kelvin Oliver says:

    I would love to go to the music fest tomorrow!! It's going to be a wonderful sunny day to enjoy good Bands and food. Perfect way to spend the weekend!!

  85. Mollie says:

    I would love to win tickets to BSMF Saturday. It’s going to be a great show!!

  86. John McDonald says:

    Saturday is such a good lineup! I want to go!

  87. Amanda says:

    Love your blog/recommendations! I'm ready for a break from work and want to go on Saturday!

  88. i'd love tickets to Saturday's Memphis in May. Never been because I have Lupus and every year during Memphis in May I'm in the hospital. I'd really love to go with my Fiancé. This would be my first time being able to go!

  89. Wes says:

    I would LOVE to go to BSMF!

  90. I'd love to go on Saturday. I've never been due to having Lupus and I'm in the hospital every yr it's here. Would love to be able to go with my Fiancé. This would be my first time.

  91. Matt says:

    Saturday would be great to go to my first Beale Street Music Festival.

  92. Brooke Hudsmith says:

    What better way to spend a Saturday in Memphis? First a walk around midtown, farmers market downtown and tickets to the BSMF on Saturday would wrap up a fantastic day! I would love to go to BSMF in Saturday! 

  93. Kimberlie Garner says:

    Just want to take my friend to ease and take away thoughts of her father that passed away.. Saturday is his birthday ..

    Would be a nice, enjoyable,and fun evening

  94. jewel donaldson says:

    I want to win for Saturday, would love to go. #martha stephens

  95. martha todd stephens says:



  96. martha todd stephens says:



  97. Alaina says:

    Memphis in May!! So many bands that I want to see on Saturday!!

  98. Erin Kulinski says:

    Going to Music Fest on Saturday would be the bee's knees

  99. Dana says:

    Saturday is an awesome lineup!  Band of Horses is amazing!  I would love it!

  100. Jesse says:

    I would absolutely love to go on Saturday.

  101. Lorraine Ford says:

    Would love to go, haven't been in years. 

  102. Larry says:

    I would like to go to the BSMF on Saturday!!

  103. Mar Morten says:

    Saturday!!! Pppplease!! But I’d take Sunday too, I’m torn!! Ha!

  104. Mari Morten says:

    Yesssss!! Saturday, it’s a beautiful weekend for some live music!

  105. Kathryn says:

    I would love to get Saturday tickets for my mom and brother!! 


  106. Chad says:

    Would love to go to MusicFest today with my daughter. 

  107. Runar says:

    Two tickets Saturday would be fantastic. I do appreciate what you do for Memphis. 

  108. Katrina says:

    I Love Music. I love Memphis. Please choose me .

  109. Lee says:

    I want to go on Saturday!

  110. Shelia Jennings says:

    If I’m choosen,this will be my first time attending the Memphis in May events. Thanks for the opportunity.

  111. Georgia LaRocque says:

    It would be amazing if I could go to the music feast, I have always wanted to go!

  112. Whitney says:

    pick me! my husband and I would love to get down there on this gorgeous day!

  113. Jessie Walker says:

    I love the Avett Brothers! 

  114. Glenn says:

    I want to go on Saturday!

  115. Nyla McCranie says:

    I would love to go this Saturday!!! My friend and I have been planning to go for a while and it would be awesome if we could go for free!

  116. April Lee says:

    I want to go Saturday.

  117. Staci says:

    I want to go Saturday:-)!

  118. Martha Stephens says:


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