Memphis Comedy Fest 2014 is This Weekend

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If you want to see funny people from Memphis and beyond, you should go to Memphis Comedy Fest this weekend. I sat down with the President of Memphis Roast Club and Comedy Fest organizer Katrina Coleman to get the low down on the 3rd annual gathering of comics. Here’s what I learned:

– The Memphis Comedy Fest is a four-day show featuring different events, from standup to improv shows to humor videos. Most of it will be at Theatreworks on Monroe, but a few after-hours shindigs are at other locations.

Stephen and Michael Kline interviewing sponsors Cordell and Tawanda Pirtle of Pirtle’s Chicken last year.
Photo by Stanley Justice Productions.

– For $40 you can get a four-day (Thursday through Sunday) pass to any of the shows or events, or you can buy a $10 ticket for individual shows.

– There are about 50 performers coming in from places like Chicago. Los Angeles, NYC, Washington D.C., and many from around the Mid-South. A couple of Memphis peformers will be in the mix as well.

Memphis Comedy Fest 2013 crowd. Photo by Stanley Justice Productions.

– You can read the full schedule of events here. Some highlights include the Break-Up Show on Thursday ( just in time for Valentine’s Day!), Arguments and Grievances on Saturday afternoon (comics debate important topics possibly including but not limited to hotdogs v. hamburgers), and Comedy Secrets on Sunday (the only thing Katrina would tell me about this event is “What happens in Comedy Secrets stays in comedy secrets”).

Improvisers Mike McCarthy and Jared Herring of Running Gag and Wiseguys doing…something (last year).
Photo by Stanley Justice Productions.

– For the Standup Showcase part of the show, the Memphis Roast Club selected the performers based on submission videos. This means it’s not just any ol’ person getting up there, but some genuinely funny folks.

Standup Mike Brown from Little Rock on stage last year. Photo by Stanley Justice Productions.

– The Memphis Roast Club puts on events (roasts) regularly, and if you’re interested, it’s not hard to find their members at open mic nights and improv shows around town. This means that you can see the Memphis comics all the time. This show is about bringing in folks from around the country.

– Past Memphis Comedy Fest participants have added Memphis to their comedy tour dates after having a great time during the fest, which is the main point (besides laughing your face off) of this event. You can help this noble cause by going showing up. A $10 cover for a few hours of talented performers, laughter, and probably some beer at some point? It’s a tough job, but I bet you’ll be able to handle it.

Go there:

2014 Memphis Comedy Fest
Feb. 6-9, 2014
Buy tickets here.

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