Win Katy Perry Tickets: Cat Photo Contest! (aka, Most Random ILM Ticket Giveaway Ever)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 14th 2014 1842 0

I've got a kind-of-random giveaway to kickoff today…

Katy Perry is bringing The Prismatic World Tour to FedExForum on October 5. I was able to snag two tickets to give away, just for y'all. Here's how to win (go here for more info about the show):

In honor of Katie Perry's cat Kitty Purry (and in the spirit of the Internet Cat Video Festival this weekend), you can win two tickets by taking a picture of your cat doing its best Katy Perry impression. This doesn't have to be a costume (not all cats appreciate this), just a sassy pose, a fun setting, a sparkly collar or a reference to a song. It really can just be a ridiculous picture of your cat being fabulous.  If you don't have a cat, borrow a friend's (be sure to ask first). 

Be as creative as you want, but please use common sense. And be nice to your kitties.

Here are the details:

Round 1: Now until Monday, Feb. 17 at 11 a.m.  Post your cat's photo to Instagram or Twitter or I Love Memphis' Facebook page. It MUST be tagged #ILoveMemphis AND #KatyPerry. If it doesn' t have BOTH of these tags, it's disqualified. 

At that time, I'll pick a few finalists and post them on the blog. 

Round 2: Monday, Feb. 17 around noon – Tuesday, Feb. 18 at noon. You and your friends can visit the blog and vote for your favorite of the finalists for 24 hours. 

I'll announce the winner of the vote on Tuesday around noon. The winner gets 2 tickets to see Katy Perry's The Prismatic World Tour on October 5. If you're a big fan, you might enjoy this tour announcement video.  

Remember:  It MUST be tagged #ILoveMemphis AND #KatyPerry. If it doesn' t have BOTH of these tags, it's disqualified. 

I call this "Blue Roar". (original source image)

Rules: The winner must be 18 or have a grown-up ready to take you. The winner must live in the general Mid-South area. The winning image must be tagged #ilovememphis AND #katyperry. Be nice to your animals. Have fun. Make us "roar" with laughter. Help me out with more Katy Perry song-title puns. Win tickets to see Katy Perry at FedExForum. 

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  1. Curlyheaded says:


    totally entered already lolol

  2. Kitty Lover says:

    Genius. MEOW!!!!!

  3. cats says:

    Can you post more than one photo?

  4. Natasha osborn says:

    Whooop whooop 😀 pick some finalist girlie 😀 LOVE THIS CONTEST!

  5. Very nice! From the way where did you get that picture?

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