Meet The Mad Earl, the Downtown Core’s New Sports / Dive Bar (Closed)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 1st 2013 2627 0

Ed. Note: The Mad Earl is closed, and the space is now used as a kind of overflow for the newly improved Brass Door Pub. Read more here

Think of the Brass Door’s new sister bar, The Mad Earl, this way: if the Brass Door is the sister who has a 9 – 5 working in finance or law, the Mad Earl is the little sister that’s still in college.

The crew that opened the Brass Door opened the Mad Earl about a month ago in the building next door. While the Brass Door is all polished wood and early 20th century grandeur (it was originally a bank), the Mad Earl is decidedly more down to earth, which is not at all a bad thing. The downtown core doesn’t exactly have a ton of dive bars, so it’s kind of refreshing and different.

The building is laid out very similarly to the Brass Door: long and narrow with tables and a bar upstairs and a finished basement filled with pool tables, ping pong, Golden Tee and shuffleboard.

It seems like the Mad Earl is trying to brand itself as a sports bar, and they’ve got a ton of TVs upstairs, including a giant projector screen that hangs over the front door.

They do serve food, and the menu is mostly sandwiches and pub food. I wasn’t crazy hungry, so I ordered a basket of pretzels ($4).

There are four pretzels in a basket, and while they’re not as big as the ones at Flying Saucer, they’re just as soft and chewy. They come with a little container of very spicy mustard.

The Mad Earl opened fairly recently, so expect some changes (like more beers on tap) as the bar comes into its own. In the meantime, go, watch the game, play some ping pong – they’ve got one of the only ping pong tables in town.

Go there:

The Mad Earl

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  1. JR Kamra says:

    wonder if ping pong can turn into beer pong after 8?

  2. Eric says:

    ping pong > beer pong

  3. Ashlee says:

    You can actually play beer pong there any time! We played at 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday.

  4. […] weekend really flew by. It started with the best of downtown (friends and places) as we hopped from Mad Earl to the newly reno-ed Madison Twilight Sky Terrace to Beale (RIP Silky) to, finally, playing Heart […]

  5. Proto10 says:

    Only pretzels? You missed out on some great sandwiches! I purchased a groupon for them and ate there recently with some friends. The Jerk (chicken sandwich) was awesome! The vibe is very friendly and the owner is so nice and welcoming. I'll definitely be back.

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