365 Things to Do in Memphis #267: The Trashion Show

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 3rd 2012 871 0

Assignment #267 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to check out the annual Curb Couture Trashion Show, where local designers turn recyclables into runways looks.

Trashion Show, Memphis, Tenn.

Memphis City Beautiful's annual Trashion Show is like a localized episode of Project Runway where Heidi issues a challenge to create a look made entirely out of recycled materials and the contestants have to make it work. Models will walk the runway wearing clothing and jewelry made from items commonly found in recycling bins: plastic bags, paper, a bunch of sad, discarded shoulder pads.

This year's trashion show is being held on Sunday, Oct. 7th in the Broad Ave. Arts District. Proceeds from the show will benefit Memphis City Beautiful, a non-profit dedicated to beautifying the city. Tickets are $50 and include food and wine.

Go there:

Memphis City Beautiful Curb Couture Trashion Show
Sunday, Oct. 7
6 p.m.
Broad Ave. Arts District

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