The Best (Ok, Only) Restaurant on President’s Island

June 29, 2012 3:35 pm1 commentViews: 139

The bad news for those of you who want to / have to eat on President's Island is that there's only really one option. The good news is that it's a good one.

The Port, Memphis, Tenn.

The Port started as "The Islander" in the 1960s, and very little seems to have changed in the building since then. The wood paneled interior and nautical wall decorations seem like they've been there forever and the menu offers sandwiches priced below $3 and you can order a 20oz glass of milk (though why you'd want to is beyond me).

A glass wall divides the restaurant in half in one of the more unique solutions to Memphis' restaurant smoking laws. The two sides are accessible through different exterior doors, and the smoking side (which also contains the bar) is 21 and up. The glass wall is tinted, which gives it a bit of a fishbowl / two-way mirror sort of vibe.

The Port, Memphis, Tenn.

The menu is pretty simple – inexpensive sandwiches, salads and entrees. They've got daily specials (when I was there during lunch, it was a steak for $6.99). I ordered a catfish sandwich with fries (about $8).

Catfish sandwich from the Port, Memphis, Tenn.

As far as sandwiches go, it was pretty great. There was a huge, breaded and fried piece of catfish on a toasted hoagie with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. The fries were your basic frozen crinkle fries, but whatever – the Port isn't a trendy gastropub, it's a divey, neighborhood joint.

The Port is open from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. They've got a full bar and yes, they serve breakfast.

Go there:

The Port Restaurant

1039 Harbor Avenue
Memphis, TN 38106

(901) 942-0121


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  • If you go there again, try either the Tow Boat Special (a delicious one-pound burger) or the Giant Country Fried Steak. Both are "gut busters" that will satisfy any appetite.

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