Best Wings in Memphis Bracket, Round 2: Ching’s vs. Bosses

Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 5th 2012 2645 0

The field has been narrowed and it's time for the second round of the Best Hot Wings in Memphis brackets.

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In the first round, Bosses handily beat Central Barbecue and Ching's Wings had an overwhelming victory against All-Star Hot Wings. They'll go tray to tray in this round.

Here's how it's going to work: I ordered the exact same thing at both Ching's and Bosses – 10 party wings (the small ones), medium hot, with fries. I brought both orders home and ate them side by side for a more accurate comparison. They'll be judged on their texture, the sauce / heat and the fries (because why not?).

Meet the Contenders:


5030 Poplar Avenue  
Memphis, TN 38117


Ching's Wings

1264 Getwell Road,
Memphis, TN

(901) 743-5545

That's Bosses on the left and Ching's on the right.

Wings, Round 2, Memphis, Tenn.


Both sets of wings were almost the exact same size, so it's tough to say which wings were meatier. The wings from Ching's were the crispier of the two and the texture was more consistent. Bosses wings were meaty, but not nearly as crunchy on the outside.

Sauce / Heat:

Bosses' wings come in a full range of strengths (from honey to "pure hotness"), so I ordered the medium. They had plenty of sauce without being soggy. The heat was more of a slow burn kind of heat – on initial contact, there wasn't much spice, but they stung a little on the way down. They're a kinder, gentler kind of medium hot.

Bosses' Wings, Memphis, Tenn.

Ching's wings were sopping wet with sauce – there was enough hanging out in the bottom of the styrofoam try to use as a dipping sauce for the celery and the roll. The heat was as forward as a bad pick up line – they had a nice hot lip-tingling quality.

Ching's Wings, Memphis, Tenn.


Both sets of wings came with seasoned fries, so I figure that it's only fair to judge those, too. The fries were equal in size, cut and crispiness, but the seasonings were totally different. Bosses' fries were seasoned with what tasted like Lowery's seasoning salt and a little tiny pinch of sugar and Ching's fries were seasoned with the same rub that they use on their dry rub wings.

The winner:

That's up to you. Leave a comment with your vote below and I'll tally them up at 5 p.m. on April 6th, 2012. Whichever wings have the most votes will move on to face the winner of the Alex's / Crumpy's match up.

Ready, vote!


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  1. Kyle says:

    Ching's Wings!!!!

  2. Hillary C says:


  3. Warner R. says:


  4. MemphisMinnie says:


  5. Amanda C. says:


  6. David M says:


  7. Laura says:


  8. T.M.H says:

    BOSSES – its become a weekly thing for several members of our department to go.

  9. Rachel says:


  10. Don G says:

    But I'm only one man…how could my one vote make a difference?

  11. Michael J Gossett says:

    CHING'S *~*

  12. jen says:

    Chris Crawford said it best: 

    You ain't from Memphis if you ain't been to Ching's.

  13. Richard says:


  14. Sara says:


  15. John says:

    See you're smilin' face when you come on da-ah-own to Bosses.

  16. Mark says:


  17. Grant says:


  18. Daniel says:


  19. Bobby Gallagher says:

    Bosses! Bosses! Bosses! Bosses! Bosses! 
    They use the Ghost Peppers the hottest peppers in the world. To make some of the challenges of hot wing sauces such as the QD(Questionable Decision) and I can't wait to brave the Pure Hotness!

  20. Jacob says:


  21. Ashley says:

    Bosses all the way!

  22. Carol says:


  23. Cassandra says:


  24. Frank the Tank says:

    BOSSES gets my vote……KABOOM

  25. Kristen says:

    Bosses all the way!  You won't find anything better in Memphis!

  26. Mary Beth says:

    I love Bosses and go there at least once a week. I have had both Bosses and Chings before, but I must say the quality at Bosses surpasses that of Chings. (like you said, Bosses wings are meatier) One of the reasons the wings at Bosses my not have been as crisp is because they were taken home. If you eat them at the restaurant, where they are made to order and go straight from the fryer to your mouth, they are INCREDIBLE! Also, the sauce at Bosses is all homemade and you can really tell the difference!! My vote is for Bosses!!!

  27. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Bosses is off the whammy! My fave….delish, beautiful place, and conveniently located right on poplar…yea buddy

  28. Melissa Otte says:

    BOSSES IS AWESOME!!! The only place I will go for wings!!! Hands down best wings place I have ever been to… Nothing else compares!

  29. Ryan says:

    Bosses all day everyday!

  30. Fiji Memphis says:

    Bosses is the place to go. No doubt about that

  31. Andrew says:


  32. Booger says:

    No question, BOSSES

  33. Terrelle says:

    Bosses, hands down Best Wings in the city of Memphis!!!

  34. Tom says:


  35. John Raley says:

    Bosses hands down.

  36. Lisa Wang says:

    Bosses! 🙂

  37. Tyler says:


  38. Pace Goodwin says:


  39. lauren says:


  40. Daniel says:

    Bosses. Boom does the dynomite

  41. Lacey says:


  42. Steve says:


  43. Amanda Schultz says:


  44. Dakidsniice says:

    Mane dont play Ching's wings aint no joke, and dont forget the Orange Mound Punch.!!!!!!!!!

  45. Carolyn says:


  46. Alex Watson says:

    Bosses ftw.

  47. Shaggy says:

    BOSSES no contest

  48. BOSSeS!4!!  never had butter wings than at bosses. Everytime i walk in, it goes "Ching" im the boss. I love the atmosphere, John and his wife are great at everything. I think Alexander Graham bell works the resgieter though. Tarik Black said it best, "If you want to feel good, be the Boss at Bosses."
    Bosses: 10/10
    Chings: 6/10

  49. Laurie M says:

    I do not like ching’s wings at all. Their sauce is too tangy and overpowering. Bosses by far has the best wings! The French fries are really good too!

  50. yeshua says:









  51. Patrick says:


  52. Bobby Hebert says:

    Bosses!!! I gotta try the Parker Hemphill oops I mean Pure Hotness when I get back in town!

  53. Shawn Cochran says:


  54. Lee Lee says:


  55. George Hutson says:


  56. Susan says:


  57. Sallie says:


  58. Caitlin says:


  59. free plax says:

    ….and it's not even close….

  60. AgJustice says:


  61. Mulan says:


  62. jessica dycus says:


  63. Rachel Koch says:

    Chings. Even though the wait for your food is always extravgantly long. 

  64. Timothy Keyo says:

    Bosses' for sure.  Not even close.

  65. Bethany says:

    Bosses!!! Great wings and great fries. They have some awesome sauces for their wings.

  66. chris says:

    Chings by far. Bosses has come a long way, but please give Chings the respect they've earned through the years. This matchup should of been over by the signed U of M jersey counts on the wall.

  67. Chuck says:

    it isnt fair that you are doing medium hot. these are hotwings. go suicude. geez. chings is the hotteset if you dont meantion crumpys or, a middle tn favorite, wing zone 

  68. Abby says:

    Bosses by a mile!!! They are the best!! Friendly, clean place with consistently wonderful wings! 

  69. nick says:

    CHINGS. by far. however i would say that Bosses has better medium wings and i think that chings specialty is the honey hot which is by far better than any bosses flavor.

  70. Taylor says:


  71. John says:

    Chings…it shouldn't even be close.  Their wings attract peopl from all over the city, and have them lined out the door.

  72. Paul Cohen says:

    Chings , without a doubt!

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