Memphis Gets Prehistoric with Two Dinosaur Exhibits

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Ed. Note: This post is from 2012. These exhibits are no longer on display. 

The age of real dinosaurs may be long gone, but this spring, we’ve got the next best thing in Memphis. Both the Memphis Zoo and the Children’s Museum are playing host to interactive touring dinosaur exhibits.

Intern Raquel and I visited both exhibits this week.

Dinosaurs at the Memphis Zoo, through July 8, admission is $3 for zoo members and $4 for non-members.

I don’t want you guys to be disappointed, but I have something to tell you: the dinosaurs at the Memphis Zoo aren’t real.

Dinosaurs at the Memphis Zoo, Memphis, Tenn.

With their detailed skin and huge teeth, though, the 15 animatronic dinos certainly look real. They also move, opening and closing their mouths, raising their arms and flipping their tails. One of them spits a spray of water every few minutes or so (that’s the one pictured above – don’t get too close if you want to stay dry).

They make big, gutteral noises, too. Take a listen:



The exhibit’s pièce de résistance is a slightly graphic interaction between a massive T-Rex and the triceratops that he’s managed to maul with his big teeth and little tiny arms. It’s housed in the old bald eagle enclosure towards the end of the exhibit, and it may be a little scary for younger kids.

T-Rex dinner time, Memphis Zoo, Memphis, Tenn.

The dinos are on display in a prehistoric habitat that’s got interactive features designed to teach families about conservation and extinction. There’s a giant T-Rex puzzle, a fossil dig area where kids can play paleontologist, a video, and a photosaurus that you can pose for photos with (incidentally, this is the only one of the dinos in the Zoo’s exhibit that you can climb on).

Go there:

Memphis Zoo

2000 Prentiss Lane
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 276-9453

Dinosaurs at the Children’s Museum of Memphis, through May 13, included in regular admission.

The Children’s Museum of Memphis has gone prehistoric with their newest traveling exhibit “Dinosaurs: the Land of Fire and Ice”.

Dinosaurs at the Children's Museum of Memphis, Memphis, Tenn.

It transports kids back to the Cretaceous Period (that’s between 145-65 million years ago) when dinosaurs last roamed the earth. The exhibit has three main features: a field research station, the land of fire and the land of ice.

The field research station, where kids get to be paleontologists using fossil brushes to make discoveries is aimed at older kids, so it’s likely to be lost on toddlers.

The land of fire included a T-Rex and the opportunity to run through a lava-oozing volcano while dressed in an insect costume (which seemed to be enjoyed by the kids of all ages).

The land of ice has rocky steps to climb, an ice-filled river for kids to leap across on stepping stones and an icy slide. One big plus for parents: all of the dinosaurs included in the exhibit were climbed on by nearly every child during our visit and the museum staff seemed to love it.

Go there:

Children’s Museum of Memphis

2525 Central Ave,
Memphis, TN 38104


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  1. Dan Lapoint says:

    Yay! Dinosaur week was my favorite thing at the science museum when I was a little kid. 

  2. @fantasyrideout says:

    what a rip off… these aren't even real dinosaurs… BOOO!

  3. Bonnie Syler says:

    I saw the Dinosaur exhibit years ago. I was so hoping it was still there as I am planning a trip to Memphis n April and bringing a couple of friends. Is it still there? 01/19/2017

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