Wednesday News Update: Adorable Puppy Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 22nd 2012 839 0

I've got a bunch of Memphis news for you, but first, here's an adorable puppy:

Tiny Tim at the Humane Society, Memphis, Tenn.

His name is Tiny Tim, and he's a super sweet adoptable tripod from the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County. (He also has the weirdest little howl ever – I wish I had video).

And now the news:

– Happy National Margarita Day, y'all! If you're looking to celebrate, check out this guide to Memphis margaritas.

– D.J. Stephens' epic dunk from the Xavier game is nominated for ESPN's Dunk of the Year. It's a contest, though, so you have to go vote if you want him to win.


– Here's a video of President Obama jamming with B.B. King.

– Congrats to the Hard Rock Cafe on wining "Best Soup" at Youth Villages Soup Sunday. To celebrate, they'll have their winning tomato basil soup on their menu for the rest of the week. A portion of the profits from each $5 bowl will benefit Youth Villages.

– Please note: the dinosaurs that are coming to the Memphis Zoo on March 10 are not real.

– Here are some updates from the Regions Morgan Keegan Tennis Championships, which are going on at the Racquet Club this week.

– Ahem. I Love Memphis is on Tumblr. Follow along if you'd like.

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