Meet the Million Dollar Quartet: Lee Ferris, aka Carl Perkins

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"Million Dollar Quartet", the musical about a legendary recording session at Sun Studio, is coming to the Orpheum next week.

The cast already knows Memphis music – here's your chance to get to know them. A handful of cast members were kind enough to let me ask them a bunch of questions about the show, Memphis, and what's in their headphones. Today, meet Lee Ferris. He plays Carl Perkins:

Lee Ferris as Carl Perkins in Million Dollar Quartet

(Photo credit: Joan Marucs)

Name:  Lee Ferris

Hometown: Venice, CA

Character You Play in "Million Dollar Quartet":  Carl Perkins

My favorite song to come from the show or the time period the show takes place (1956): " I Walk the Line". It’s the most deceptively difficult song I have ever played on the guitar. It keeps me challenged every night.

The most fun part of being on tour with MDQ is: All the new towns. I love exploring our country and interacting with the people in each city we play. It’s wonderful to see how the different regions relate and respond to our show.

The strangest / funniest thing that’s happened to me during a performance was:  Christopher Ryan Grant who plays Sam Phillips in the show always makes me laugh with his wonderful antics. He is worth the price of admission for the audience and me every night. He has the ability to give me one look and I will crack up on stage…on the inside of course.

When MDQ comes to Memphis, I’m excited about seeing: I 'm very excited about checking out the guitars shops in the area. I hear they are legendary. I am looking forward to seeing Sun Records for the first time, of course.I love that there is awareness and appreciation of high quality music in Memphis. This can be quite hard to find in some cities.

My favorite thing about my character is: I love that Carl was a pioneer. I love his fusion of country-hillbilly music with Rock and Roll in respect to his lead guitar playing. I admire his ability to overcome his many disadvantages and setbacks throughout his life in order to compose and play his music.

The album I’m listening to on repeat lately is: Laura Marling's "I Speak Because I Can"  

My hidden talent is: I'm quite a solid surfer. There just haven't been enough stops on this tour near the ocean

You should come see MDQ because: Unlike any other Broadway show coming to a theater near you this year, we the actors play live every note of music you hear from the beginning to the end of the show.  As well as act and sing.  Need I say more?

The touring Broadway production of "Million Dollar Quartet" will be at the Orpheum from Feb. 14 – 19th. There are still tickets available.

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    Can't wait to see this next Sat. (2/18) at The Orpheum in Memphis, TN!!

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