365 Things to Do in Memphis #10: Scope Your Date in Secret

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 10th 2012 1510 0

The Blind Bear wouldn’t be a proper speakeasy without a few secrets. Assignment #10 in the list of 365 Things to Do in Memphis is one of them.

Say you’re on a date at the Blind Bear, or, conversely, you see someone cute at the Blind Bear’s bar that you’d maybe be interested in being on a date with. There’s a way to check them out in secret.

Blind Bear Speakeasy secret room

As in many restaurants, the Blind Bear has a huge mirror behind the bar. Unlike most places, though, the Bear’s mirror is a two-way job. All you have to do to scope your potential date is wander into the small lounge behind the bar – you’ll be able to see everything.

(Note – I took the picture above from behind the mirror. It’s a little grainy because the room is dark. Know that you can see the people at the bar much better than that in real life.)

Sidenote – if you’re sitting at the bar, you may not want to engage in any embarrassing forward-facing antics.

Go There:

Blind Bear Speakeasy

119 South Main
Memphis, TN 38103


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