Memphis Botanic Gardens New Herb Garden is Open

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 8th 2011 1955 0

We've still got a few nice days left this year, which means you've got time to check out the brand new herb garden at the Memphis Botanic Gardens.

Memphis Botanic Garden Herb Garden, Memphis, Tenn.

The new garden features herbs from around the world divided into 15 themed areas. There's a formal garden full of cooking herbs, a wooded area with medicinal pants used by native Mid-Southerners and a meadow for the plants that grow a little too enthusiastically to be contained in a regular garden.

Compass, Memphis Botanic Garden Herb Garden, Memphis, Tenn.

While the garden is fairly compact, it's densely packed. There are about 500 species of herbs in the three quarters of an acre space. There are both paved paths and small trails through the beds so you can see (and smell) everything up close.

The garden was designed to be a living museum of the history of plant use by humans. For non-botanists, all of the familiar favorites are there – think basil, lavender, saffron, etc. There's also plenty to see for those of you who like your herbs little more obsure.

True Unicorn Root, Memphis Botanic Garden, Memphis, Tenn.

As the garden grows, expect to see special events and programming related to the garden (think sessons on herb use, herbal medicine, etc.).

The herb garden is open during the Memphis Botanic Garden's regular hours and is included in the price of regular admission.

Go there:

Memphis Botanic Gardens

750 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38117

(901) 636-4100

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  1. Looks interesting says:

    We will take a look at it next time we are in Memphis,

  2. Looks interesting says:

    We will  look at it next time we are in Memphis.

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