Think Globally, Dress Locally: 6 Memphis-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 11th 2011 1534 0

With Halloween only a few weeks away, it’s time to start giving some thought to your costume. Here are some suggestions for those of you who are looking to keep it local this year:

Costume Idea  No. 1: Grizz Girl

The NBA may be on lock out, but you can still go as a Grizz Girl for Halloween. All you need are some blue hot pants, a Grizzlies jersey (modify as you see fit), some glitter and big hair. You’ll have to supply your own sweet moves.

2. Costume Idea No. 2: Sputnik Monroe

Sputnik Monroe Costume
I didn’t know Sputnik Monroe before I saw Memphis Heat, but now, he’s one of my hometown heroes. He was a wrestler, showman, and civil rights activist (he integrated Memphis wrestling matches). All you need to pull off the Sputnik look is a pair of wrestling shorts, some high top Chucks and an eyebrow pencil to get his luscious brows.
Costume Idea No. 3: Malfunction Junction
Malfunction Junction Costume


The Malfunction Junction costume was suggested by reader @seckstein via Twitter. Be Memphis’ favorite long-time construction project by using yellow duct tape to create road lines on gray pants and a gray shirt. Then, make a road closed sign and an I-240 sign. Easy!

Costume Idea No. 4: Michael Donahue

Michael Donahue Costume

If you’ve ever been to a party in Memphis, you’ve probably seen Michael Donahue, the Commercial Appeal’s parties and society reporter. He may have taken your picture. All you need to complete the look is a black suit (or tux, if you’ve got one), a curly gray wig and some black square glasses. Complete the outfit with a camera, notepad and fabulous party. (Thanks to @elux26 for the suggestion!)

Costume Idea No. 5: The Pyramid (with Bass Pro option)

Pyramid Costume

It’s easy to dress as Memphis’ shiniest landmark. All you have to do is cover four cardboard sides with aluminum foil (and figure out how to attach them to your body). If you’d like to make your Pyramid costume a little more futuristic, add a bass (for the Bass Pro that’s moving in).

Costume Idea No. 6: Prince Mongo

Prince Mongo Costume


If all of the other costume ideas are seeming a little tame, dress up as one of Memphis’ favorite local eccentrics, Prince Mongo. I used this picture as inspiration, but really, just about anything goes as long as you include a long blonde wig, rubber chicken and goggles.

Thanks to everyone who suggested Memphis costume ideas. Keep them coming!

Also, congratulations to @elux26 – she won two tickets to the Friends for Life Halloween Party.

If you’re planning a Memphis themed costume this year, I’d love to see pictures (seriously – send them to me).

Author: Holly Whitfield

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