24 Hours of Elvis: 1 p.m. – Giving Cars Away

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(In honor of Elvis Week 2011, I’m having an Elvis-themed Monday. All day, immersed in the world of Elvis – checking out his favorite places, eating where he ate, and doing some of the things he did in an attempt to find out why after so many years, Elvis is still so fascinating for so many people.)

Though Elvis was eventually fantastically wealthy, at his core, he was just a guy from a humble background that got lucky. After he made it big, he was known for sharing his wealth with his friends, his family and sometimes, total strangers.

And one of the things that he most often gifted people with was a brand new car. Specifically, a brand new Cadillac.

In that spirit, I went and picked out a few cars to give away to total strangers, just like Elvis.

Giveaway cars -24 Hours of Elvis

I couldn’t find any Caddies (pink or otherwise), so I settled on a red sports car, a 1968 Citroen and a tiny food truck.

To find the lucky strangers, I put out a call on Twitter to see if anyone wanted a brand new car. More than 50 of you responded (and more than a few of you thought that I had actual, real human-sized cars to give away).

One of the strangers was Matt B., who met me in East Memphis to claim his car:

Matt B. and his new car

One of the other winners was Ronnie S., who seemed a little bit disappointed when I showed up to his office at Buckeye Technologies with a car he couldn’t fit in:

Ronnie S. and his brand new food truck

(Sidenote – if you ever get the chance to visit Buckeye, they’ve got a super nice, very green campus.)

The last car is going to Joey M., when I see him this afternoon.

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